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  1. P

    How to find what Network a Channel is in?

    Is there a Website that shows that MCN/CMS/Network a Channel is in? I know Socialblade used to do this until like 2016 but I cant find anything else that does this
  2. D

    Can I join a MCN (Network) without an AdSense account ?

    Hello! I've created my channel in October 2016 and back then if you accepted the Youtube Monetization/Partner Terms you could monetize your videos, despite the fact that you wouldn't receive any money if you didn't link your channel to an AdSense account or a Network. Now the rules have...
  3. S

    Creators Revolution Network and ESL Gaming Stole My Earnings

    I partnered creators revolution network which is owned by ESL gaming in October 2016 but they have not paid me even once till now. I have been trying to contact them through the contact us option on their websites and by sending email to every email id I can get of them but they have not replied...
  4. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Grow With Forums!!

    ◉Subscribe & Help Me To Grow--- How to grow your YouTube channel using forums....Grow your YouTube channel.Who don't want to grow their YouTube channel.And it's really hard difficult to grow your YouTube channel when...
  5. saba

    Are BBTV and Socialblade same?

    Hey, do you know, Are BBTV and Socialblade same? same rules and everything? because as you know Socialblade network is a "subnetwork" of BBTV. Does Socialblade pay for terminated channels like BBTV? do you have experience with them?
  6. avilsd

    Building A YouTube Empire, Brick By Brick

    If you'd like to create a serious income through YouTube, you must be prepared to invest: a LOT of time, effort and eventually money. If you're not willing to dedicate at least 500 hours every year, or more to YouTube, please stop reading right now. This just isn't for you. I see so many people...
  7. Michael

    Creative Nation MCN Payment Problems Not Being Paid on Time, Poor Communication

    Has anyone at YTtalk who is partnered by Creative Nation been having problems getting paid by them? I and so many others including their highest earning partners keep having monthly issues with not being paid on time and the whole staff going silent and no longer responding to support tickets...
  8. InfinityDaniel

    YouTube "Sub-Network" Programs

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I'm new here! :) But anyway I know that YouTube's policy on no sub-networks but I know that some MCN's still offer a "sub-network" program if you call yourslef a Talent Agency or other things. But I'm intrested in starting one of these network programs...
  9. S

    Quizgroup Authorization Error

    I am trying to partner my channel with Quizgroup but whenever I try to apply for partnership I get an "Auth Error" message. After getting error message with my first channel I tried to partner my other channel. I again got the same error message. Is anyone else facing the issue or someone has...
  10. L

    Should I leave ScaleLab and join Curse network ?

    hey. So I joined Scalelab on December 2015 ( I joined VouStudios but since with new YT policy I'm transferred to scalelab) so far I didn't actually had any problems. They pay in time, support is good, forums is a bit dead though, their CPM is pretty good ($9-$10). But I really wanted to join...
  11. Michael

    Creative Nation Network Review

    Network Name: Creative Nation MCN Time With Network: 1+ years Total Contract Renewals: N/A Creative Nation Network Review: Over the past year and a half or so Creative Nation has never lived up to expectations and has largely been a big let down, if you want to learn why I don't recommend...
  12. Jordan Pike

    Is there a trend with channel growth and having a new network?

    I'm wondering if once your channel gets big enough to attract the attention of a big network, and then signing with them, are the average daily subscriber numbers effected by the signing? I've noticed certain channels that have around 5k subs grow very rapidly over the following months into the...
  13. YouTube Songs

    MCN Advice?

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on which network to join. I currently have about 20k subs and average around 400000 views a month. I've been using adsense my whole youtube career My channel is called ''YouTube Songs'' (for the ones that have the energy to search for it :) I know networks...
  14. E

    Low paying rates - Highest paying YouTube network?

    Hey guys, I am running a channel making about 15k views per month (I know, not too much, but still) and I get about 1,1$ per month, which means I get like >0,1$ for 1k views which is pretty bad I guess That's why I wanted to ask if theres that one 'most paying YouTube network"?. Thank you!
  15. WarriorDan

    YouTube Network CEO lashes out at me in video rant! (This post may be in the wrong spot. Apologies!)

    Wiser Network CEO Sami Donwell did not anticipate what would happen when he childishly lashed out publically at me earlier this month over a comment I posted in one of his videos, politely but bluntly questioning his use of sponsored links to promote his own YouTube network without properly...
  16. P

    Acifin network under BroadbandTV_gaming are scamming/threatening their partners

    Hey guys I've come to this forum from time to time in the past because the information here has been pretty informative and has helped me a lot! This time I finally created a username so I can share some information about the Acifin network which operates under BroadbandTV. In the pictures you...
  17. saba

    Reflict Network Review - Is really best youtube partnership network ?

    so i applied reflict network 3 month ago and i wanna tell you that this network is best and i highly recommended this network to everyone. first i like in this network is No Requirement. when i join in reflict my daily views was just 20-30 and No one accepted me,but reflict accept my channel and...
  18. F

    Maker Studios extremly low payment!

    Hello everyone My channel is partnered with Maker Studios for 70/30 split. In 2013 and 2014 my payments have been always ranged from 80 cent to 1,50$ per thousands views. In the beginning of 2015 I was really busy and I stopped uploading new videos. In August 2015 I decided to start uploading...
  19. Gamiefy

    Partner with a network to monetize videos? [Gaming Channel]

    Is it possible to monetize with adsense if I do commentaries on games? Or do I need to be partnered with a network? Any alternative solution? Thanks in advance.
  20. LionWaffles

    Should I join Maker?

    Hi, I got an email saying that I was invited to join Maker Studios. I've heard a lot of bad things about them - like them not releasing your channel from their CMS, but I see that the bigger YouTubers are actually partnered with them. I always monetize my videos, although they don't make a lot...