Creators Revolution Network and ESL Gaming Stole My Earnings

I partnered creators revolution network which is owned by ESL gaming in October 2016 but they have not paid me even once till now. I have been trying to contact them through the contact us option on their websites and by sending email to every email id I can get of them but they have not replied me even once.
How old is your channel, and how many subscribers do you have? How many videos do you have on your channel, and how many views has each video received? Just being a network member doesn't guarantee payment. Your videos have to get enough monetized views for YouTube to have something left to send to the network after they take their share of your money, and not every video view will be a monetized one. When you join a network, your revenue earnings are double-dipped; with a cut taken by YouTube; then a second cut taken by the network itself.

Each MCN will also have a payment threshold. Look in your dashboard and see what it says about reaching payment threshold there. If you haven't reached it, then you obviously aren't eligible to be paid yet, and all your emails are for nothing. If there is no payment threshold as they claim, then perhaps you haven't yet earned that $1 I see on their site.
I have earned over $2500 in these 4 months and that should be enough for any network to send my payments. They don't even bother replying to my emails which clearly shows they have no intention of paying my earnings. After my initial post I have done more research on them and now I am 100% sure that they are a fraud company. Just check their facebook page and post on other websites about them though they delete many posts on their page you can still find lot of posts about not getting paid by them. All these networks do is steal their partner earnings I should have stayed with adsense.
Wait, how do you know it's owned by ESL? Afaik ESL has their own MCN and on Creators Revolution website it says "supported by ESL". Could be just random text they added and ESL might not have any ties with them. As much as I don't like ESL, they're huge company and pay their clients (I've worked on a channel that is partnered with ESL and they pay after 90 days or something).
I know they have ties with ESL because their Youtube CMS name is also by ESL and Youtube or Google would not allow anyone to use any other company's name without checking. Also they send emails from email id's on eslgaming's domain. Moreover why ESL Gaming haven't sued them if they do not have any ties with them. Its clear both Creators Revolution and ESL Gaming are fraud companies.