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  1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Promote Your YouTube Video with YouTube Ads - How To Use YouTube Ads - Adwords Tutorial

    How To Promote Your YouTube Video with YouTube Ads - How To Use YouTube Ads - YouTube Adwords Tutorial // Looking to get extra eyeballs on a video for your business? Google Ads or Promoting your YouTube video with YouTube Adverts might help. PLEASE NOTE - I do not suggest that you simply buy...
  2. alperen420

    LOCKED - Monetization at 10.000 views

    So my channel has about 9000 views,i think i'll reach 10k views within 4-5 days.So what exactly happens when i surpass 10k views ? Will my videos instantly start getting ads and start earning money ? I'm currently associated with adsense.
  3. sequan123

    Overall Tool that help

    What is the overall tool that helps you be succesful on youtube.
  4. Alexandru Iulian

    Ads on my videos only after that video gets 10k views , I'm the only one with this ?

    Hellou, so I have monetization enabled on my channel. I tried 1 with a channel with adsense and 1 with a channel with network I upload a video and it doesn't get any ads, but when video reach 10k views gets ads on it. Do you have the same problem ?
  5. MegaCrasher

    Let's #RiseTogether YouTube, Let's Help The Community Rather Than Hurt It! Time For A Change!

    THIS IS UNSCRIPTED! So My apologies in advance if I rambled a bit here! Please share this video if you want to help make YouTube truly shine again! Pretty much as the title says to everyone viewing. I won't add too much detail in the description as I think it is best we let the video do the...
  6. UndergroundSeries

    Using Youtube Ads To Advertise your Video

    So I saw that I can pay a amount of money daily to get traffic to my channel I can target viewers on age and interest is this worth to invest my money into ?
  7. CelyD87

    Monetization OFF or ON when it's. new channel?

    What do you experienced youtubers recommend. Having monetization off or on when starting a new channel? At the beginning your only making pennies on each video so is it worth to have it on? Or would it turn away potential subs and views because they don't want to sit through a commercial when...
  8. P

    idea for win youtube money

    Hello, today i want to show you an idea ! I consider to create a youtube channel where I show lot of pub and i invite anyone watching them. What people win to do that ? they will can win a part of money win by viewing ads :D Of course not everybody will get money but everybody will have a luck...
  9. EverythingTech360

    Other I want to collaborate on my channel videos

    I want to collaborate to anyone who can promote my YouTube channel video. If anyone interested and want to collaborate with me you can direct reply me on this thread or direct mail me on my email id. All information are given below. It will be great help for us. Email id:
  10. L

    I feel like my video are not good even though I put a lot of time into them

    YouTube channel: LordFahFah You don't have to sub or like the video just tell me ways that I can improve my video :D
  11. FernandoMask

    What do you dislike about Youtube?

    What do you guys dislike or hate about Youtube?
  12. FernandoMask

    What do you think of the new terms of service?

  13. sequan123


    Hey guys i just wanted to say that i would love to have people support my channel i am a gammer and want to make a successful youtube channel not only that but to communicate and entertain people and im not doing this for self promotion i really want some supports to communicate with. just click...
  14. BTierK2

    In your experience, does uploading videos everyday hurt or hinder your channel?

    In your experiences as a Youtuber and seeing others videos & channels, does uploading videos everyday hurt or hinder your channel & its video views? Do viewers want to watch a new video from you every single day? Of course this might vary on kind of content is uploaded, but I would love to see...
  15. S

    Youtube Is forcing me to monetize videos that I don't own

    I woke up today to find that major number of videos in my channel have been "enabled to monetize with ads" which i don't want to because they're not mine, and i only shared them for informational purposes. When i edit the video to uncheck "Monetize my video with advertising" box and then save...
  16. JayManOurMusicBox

    Paid Ads Working For You?

    I have spent a lot of time and effort on my music and channel. I am now thinking of spending a bit on Ads. Not sure which ones have worked best for you? Right now I know there are the following options: - YouTube ads (which ones work best for you?) 1) In-Stream Ad 2) In-Search Ad 3)...
  17. just Moto

    How to Successfully promote your videos through Facebook

    This is a strategy I employed over the last year and it was pretty good for anywhere between 300 - 3000 views each time I used it. There's a little effort on your part involved, so if hard works not your thing then neither is this tutorial haha. I would only recommend this for YouTubers trying...
  18. IPPimp

    YouTube Advertisement Help

    I was wondering if the service where you can pay for YouTube to advertise you is worth it, and if anybody has had experience with the paying for advertisement on YouTube service. Also, what do you think is the best way to make a YouTube ad?
  19. Lolanicoleblogs

    YouTube ads

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, or if it's already been posted. But I was trying to find out if anyone has used the YouTube ads on YouTube. Like paid the monthly fee or however they do it an had a video shown as an ad? I was thinking about trying it out but wasn't sure...