1. SmokeySpace

    Gaming Xbox One or PC Collab!

    Just looking for people to do a PC or Xbox one collab with, must have around 100 subs and get a decent amount of views. Message me on Skype at Smokey Space if you are interested!
  2. Lacertus

    Gaming LFG of people to make videos and play Xbox One With!

    I have many games on xbox one such as NBA 2k17, Overwatch, BF1, Infinite warfare, and other. Message me on Xbox one, my gt is SqueakySandwich!
  3. Z

    Gaming Xbox One Collabs!!

    Looking for easy going gamers on Xbox that don't take themselves too seriously to play games with!! So as to not offend people that maybe don't like my rather regular swearing and stuff, I will probably say that 17+ is a restriction, but other than that, and working around time zones (at the...
  4. Pichu

    PLAY OF THE GAME - Soldier 76 | Overwatch

    Feedback is appreciated
  5. SnowAspire

    Gaming PC, PS4, Xbox One Collab?

    Hello everyone, as the title leads on, I am looking to do a collaboration with one or more gamers. I play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. I'd be interested in Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3, or Destiny on PS4 or Xbox. Overwatch, Golf with Friends, Arma 3, League of Legends, Gary's Mod, and others on...
  6. J

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Florida Gamers

    Hey, I'm JayWolf20 a girl gamer, I wanted to know if there were any other gamers out in Florida. I was thinking of making a Long-Term YouTube gaming group. I have a lot of free time and I use it to record videos and upload videos.
  7. M

    What game should I start with?

    So I am a gaming YouTuber and plan to start uploading videos soon. I play on an Xbox One and at the moment, only want to play games that are not rated M for Mature. I am not restricted from playing these but I would like to start and have video that all viewers won't have any problem with. Can...
  8. Mcdreamified

    Gaming CoD based gamers?

    I posted once before already, but I am actively looking for more people who play CoD to collab with asap. I have been posting on my channel daily, lots of BO3 vids, mostly SnD or TD. I also stream on Twitch everyday :) Only requirements are that you have an Xbox One, and for recording purposes...
  9. Nebhead

    Destiny The Dawning | Secrets and Complete Walkthrough

    Hey guys! Check out my latest video on Destiny the Dawning! This is my second attempt at an info/update video for Destiny. If you need updates on what's going on in the Destiny universe, check out this video! Thanks again guys! -Nebhead
  10. Nebhead

    Overwatch | The Danger Zone (Funny Moments)

    Hey guys! Here's my second attempt at an Overwatch video. I decided to record with some friends and see what kind of of funny situations we could get ourselves into. I focused on trying to use text and zooms in order to enhance jokes and give the viewers something to look at more than just the...
  11. Nebhead

    Overwatch Roadhog Montage!

    Hey guys, if you have the time it would be rad if you checked out this montage I made for Overwatch! Thanks! :D
  12. A

    Gaming Collaboration New Youtuber

    Hello, I am a new youtuber that is at 14 subs. The games i would like to collab is Minecraft pc or xbox one, GTA V (Xbox 1) or call of duty BO3. If you would like to collab you can e-mail me or message me on xbox live A P Shakes. For videos i use discord. Thank you...
  13. ReducedCougar

    Gaming Looking for someone to play free games with on PC and xbox (no money for games yet

    Hello I am reduced cougar of YouTube and I have no money to buy games yet (later I will) but I don't have any subs yet and need help. I have some games on Xbox already that bought and a capture card so thank you. I just started less than a week ago. My Channel is ReducedCougar
  14. HeatedChaos

    Gaming Xbox One, Small Channel

    15, Channel with 55 subs. Looking to play games such as BF1, MWR, Overwatch, Minecraft, Rocket league etc. Msg me on Xbox at HeatedChaos117
  15. CoreyPlays

    Just looking to kick it (xbox one)

    If anyone wants to just kick it and brainstorm some ideas maybe do a collab hit me up GT: xCoreyPlaysx
  16. Kemono

    Really Guys... | Skyrim Special Edition

    Cave Raiding, Falmer Slaying, Beast of a time! Check it out guys! We're having some fun in the world of Skyrim!
  17. Z

    Gaming Collab, all you gotta do is talk

    I just need someone with an Xbox 360 or Xbox one (with 360 games) to talk with while I record the commentary and gameplay. You don't need to have a YouTube channel just an Xbox one or 360 and a working mic/headset. You don't need Xbox live gold either. Message me on Xbox at: Coolbarracuda If...
  18. CatTagz

    LOTS OF PROGRESS!! Terraria... ep 5

    Today what i got for yah is episode 5 of our Terraria lets play series, so here is some info about it. Its a Terraria lets play in a world called CatTagz Universe on Xbox 360 and this is the 5th episode. I hope you enjoy ;)
  19. Ryu

    Gaming LF WoW or Overwatch (xbox) gamers for collab!!

    Hi I'm Jamie, Looking for a few people to play overwatch or a few other blizzard games with. Im starting out my channel and would like to collab to help it and others grow. Search Ryutarii in the youtube search bar to find my channel and have a look. I am open to other games but i have a mac...
  20. CatTagz

    Hi there I'm CatTagz or Leo!

    Hi there I'm Leo and I run a small gaming channel called CatTagz. I very resonly started this channel which is why I have a very low subscriber amount but if we all work together I think that I could grow my own channel while helping some of you guys out as well. I'm open for collaborations and...
  21. Z

    Gaming Forza Horizon 3 Challenge video

    hey i am looking for 3 to 5 people to make a few challenge videos in forza i dont have alot of subs so i dont expect the people in the video to have a lot of subs ether i just want to find some people who want to have fun and to come up with some cool ideas i also play other games like csgo and...
  22. YardieGyalGames

    Xbox Design Lab Controller Unboxing

    Hey everyone! This is my first ever unboxing and mini review. Its short and sweet. Wanting some feedback :) like and comment and subscribe if you like it thank you!
  23. CatTagz

    Just started a brand new gaming channel - feedback please?

    Hi there I'm Leo or CatTagz and only 2 days ago I started a brand new channel with the main topic being gaming. I mainly do gaming lets plays and funny montages and the games I have uploaded by the time of writing this is Goat Simulator and Terraria on Xbox 360. I have been doing YouTube for...
  24. New Eggroll69


    Yoo whats up guys. Im looking for people to collab with on xbox one. I have games like Bo3 and minecraft. Also have battlefield 1 pre ordered and we could play that when it releases. II do funny moments, random videos and i get angry like Gordon Ramsey. And mate, if you want to see my content...
  25. TopSecretR35

    I play Forza! I love cars. 1st time posting a video here!

    Hi! One of my latest Forza videos. Battling a racecar vs street build! Datsun 280zx turbo vs the Datsun 510.
  26. R

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers that are 18+ for some collabs (Xbox/PC)

    My names Rhyno Gaming and I'm fairly new to Youtube but have been doing solo videos for the most part. I have about 50 subs (47) and I'm just looking for a group of people who would be up for some collabs. Maybe even make it a regular thing! Must be fun and easy going. I want to be able to mess...
  27. Nutella

    Gaming XBOX ONE BO3 COLLAB (50+ SUBS)

    Hey guys i'm looking to do a COD BO3 collab, possibly a 1v1 with someone that has at least 50 subs let me know :)
  28. Mr. Indigo

    Gaming Looking for Gaming Partner(s)!

    Hello! I am looking for someone who wants to Skype and chat with me while I play games. I am a small YouTube channel that plays pretty much everything however when I record I usually slip into a silent trance like state when recording which causes large swaths of silence. I need someone to talk...
  29. Nutella

    Gaming Looking to Collab on XBOX ONE Black Ops 3.

    looking for someone to collab with at least 50 subs,my gamertag is ZL Nutella LZ. Hmu if you're interested. :)
  30. DemonDoggie0811

    Gaming Xbox Games With gold collab

    Hi... I'm DemonDoggie... You probably knew that already... Give me a second to get exited... ... ... ok... I'm good... Hey guys Today I am looking For brave volunteers to play FREE GAMES!(Ik it sounds Pricey but Its not, I promise) If you play with me the only things you will lose are your free...