1. B

    Gaming Gaming group.

    Hey guys how's it going. I am looking for fellow Youtubers to collab with on xbox one. I have an elgato capture hd and a mic all set up waiting for better use. I mainly play GTA 5, Battlefront, Forza, Fifa and a few others including Gmod over steam. Only on 78 subs atm but really looking to...
  2. EasyGuyChris

    New gaming channel :)

    Yes, I understand there are tons of gaming channels! but I enjoy making videos so thats what i'm gonna do haha. I'd love if you checked out my channel, I'll be making more videos soon!!! Some of my videos : I have some more videos on my channel :) See you soon! P.S , if you guys like my...
  3. illusima

    Gaming Pc&Xbox gaming group

    Hello! My name is Brandon, but you can call me Illusima. I just started my Youtube channel, and have a channel trailer up on what i wan't to be doing in the future with my channel, weather it is on PC or Console, but for now i wan't to stick with PC because i do not have anything to record with...
  4. NotUnknownGamer

    Picking up controller/keyboard noise

    So when I want to record a video with voice I can always here my controller clicks or keyboard. My mic is above my head so it isn't even near the controller or keyboard. Anyone know a way to solve this? Thanks!
  5. TheViralKing

    Star Wars Battlefront Live Commentary | “Heroes vs Villains” "Hoth" Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay!

    Hey guys, take a look at my first video on Star Wars Battlefront, let me know if you liked it, reply down here for stuff you want me to see and tell me your psn or steam id if you are looking to collab here is the video: