1. Nutella

    Gaming Im looking to do a Xb1 collab on BO3, possibly a 1v1 (50+ subs)

    DM me on twitter @itsNutellaa
  2. nezra

    Gaming Xbox one collab

    Hi i am 17 year old looking to collab with other YouTubers. I play on an Xbox one console and currently have over 100 subs. I play Bo3 mostly will be buying Battlefield 1 and advance warfare and all so have mincraft and bo1. If you would like to collab leave a message or check out one of my...
  3. ollyfp

    Gaming Want to collab for some IRL videos!! and form a YouTube group?

    I am looking for someone who posts regular quality content to collab with. I have 700 subs and my average view per video is around 400-500. I have a Canon EOS 700D, phantom 3 drone and a load of Go Pro's. I want to make some really good videos with other YouTubers who may want to form a group...
  4. Onister Gaming

    Gaming Ps4 Or Xbox one Collab (Destiny)

    Hey guys looking to do a collab on destiny. I would like to have someone who makes high quality videos. (my videos or better.) I dont want to ask for much but i would like at least someone with 100+ subscribers. what i ask for? 1: At least 100+ 2: Good quality videos 3: have a good sounding mic...
  5. S

    Gaming NEW Youtube Group/Collab

    Hi guys, I have been using you tube since 2013 and now hoping 2016 is my break through year, however I am not all about the views I want to be all about my audience, I am looking for a few people who would like to collab/ create a group for youtube, I use Xbox one and play games like F1 2016...
  6. O

    Gaming Overwatch XB1 Collab

    My YouTube Partner and I were looking for collabs on Overwatch (Xbox 1) Our channel is Overwatch Core if you wanna check out the types of videos we post. We are looking for someone to play competitive with us and other things such as mini games and more. If you are interested reply to this...
  7. D

    Gaming Looking for Collaboration!

    Hi I am Ambition Plays assistant and we are a brand new channel looking for a collaboration with someone! If you can help us out we would extremely grateful! If your interested please send me an email @ Thank you, we hope to see you soon!You may also drop your Xbox one...
  8. S

    Collab with me?

    would anyone like to do a collab with my to get more subscribers. I will do it on a gaming video on the Xbox one so if anyone would like to do one and has around300-500 subs contact me
  9. T

    Gaming Xbox Snipers and stuff

    I need people who do sniping preferably Xbox 360. Mainly snipers but GTAV and stuff is all good too. Just leave your skype and channel. Only accepting people with over 20 subs
  10. E


    I'm looking for gamers that play GTA online a lot. I'm making a series called Mexican Adventures which is where I take my character in GTA and mess around the city doing crazy and intense stuff. I have done an intro video for it already. What I'm looking for now is to have homies or girls be...
  11. Jatzel

    What can i use other than an elgato?

    I was just wondering since my PC is in a different room to my Xbox is there any other way to record your xbox? Thanks
  12. TierOneProductions

    Gaming Channel Looking for members! (XBOX)

    Hey guys we are tier one productions! We are a channel with about 100 subs (MASSIVE rights?), anyways, we are looking for new dedicated members. We do lets plays, commentaries, VN walkthroughs, pro tip videos, as well as funny clip shows. Mostly our content is xbox, but we do have some PC games...
  13. M

    Gaming New Xbox One GTA V Series!!! Join Now!!!

    Dear all, I'm starting a GTA V Series very soon and I need people to join and fill in essential roles to the story. If you have Xbox One and a mic you have a great chance to be apart of the series. The Trailer for the series is on my channel YaaBoyCellus. Message me back if you want to join in...
  14. M

    Gaming Need New People To Record With!!!

    Dear all, I just started making YouTube videos again and I'm looking for some more people to record with. I currently have Xbox One and 360 so I can play a bunch of games on there. If you want to see what games I mostly play there all on my channel trailer on my channel(YaaBoyCellus). Hmu if you...
  15. Netmizi

    Gaming [XBOX ONE] Comedy Gaming Collaboration

    XBOX GAMERTAG: Netmizi Were here to have fun and make videos. It doesn't matter how many subscribers you have, all you need are these requirements. Requirements: GTA5, Black Ops3, Mortal Kombat, etc. Oh and a MIC. Note: You don't need all these games but you do need a MIC. I'm looking for...
  16. 42Blazing

    Gaming Town Of Salem And Attack On Titan Tribute (+Xbox 360)

    Looking for people to play those games with. We can also do Xbox but i don't have my normal tv right now so I'm not sure if i could use my capture card on it. I have 162 subs and don't mind if you are lower or higher than me.
  17. 42Blazing

    Gaming Town Of Salem Collab (or xbox 360 games)

    I dont have access to my PS4 for rn so i dont really have many things to play but id like to do some collaborations!! I'm also up to play the Attack On Titan Tribute game.
  18. BlackT

    Gaming Looking for eager and energetic YouTubers to collaborate with...

    Games: On Xbox: GTA5, Fifa, Mortal Kombat and Borderlands handsome collection. On PC: Gmod, Cards against humanity, Town of Salem and Shellshock Live. Platform: Xbox One, PC Number of People: Looking for Maximum 4 Timezone: BST (GMT+1) Age: 15 Subscribers: 93 (As of 07/06/16) If you are...
  19. Zuo487

    Gaming Xbox One Collab

    I want to collab with Xbox One YTbers. My videos are PG meaning no swearing and profanity.
  20. Spreadacinni

    Gaming Looking for Collaborations

    I have Xbox One and PC games and I'm looking to do some collaborations with other YouTubers! Subscriber count doesn't matter to me as long as you are trying to become the best you can be and aren't looking for handouts. Must: - Be 18+ - Have a good mic and record in an environment with no...
  21. Savage Gamerz

    Overwatch Gameplay with Torb

    Overwatch Gameplay with Torb, hope you Enjoy and Subscribe if you like my Content Thanks.
  22. FirestormLive

    Gaming PC and Xbox Gaming Collaboration Group

    Hello everyone! I'm Firestorm and I'd like to make a pc/xbox gaming group. But first let me tell you a little about my channel: Subscribers: Currently 55 Quality: 1080p Mic Quality: Very good. CAD u37 w/ Adobe Audition Age: 14 PC Games: Minecraft, GMod, Brawlhalla, Boring Man, War Thunder, Star...
  23. Spreadacinni

    Gaming GTA Races (Xbox One), GMOD, etc.

    Looking for a YouTuber with: -A good mic -Preferably older than 18 -Puts more than 100% effort into each video -A genuine person (not acting like others to get views) I take YouTube seriously and I'd like to work with YouTubers that do as well. If you're into numbers I have around 190 subs, but...
  24. FirestormLive

    Gaming Gaming Group Recruitment for Pc and Xbox One

    Im looking to start collaborating with people and making a gaming group that truly has no name. I would like to make series with a group of people (Roughly 5 or more) on games like Minecraft, Garrys Mod, GTA, Rainbow Six, Battlefield, and plenty more. If you would like to join the group, all i...
  25. Spreadacinni

    Gaming GTA V Races (Xbox One) Collab Tomorrow!

    Looking to collab with 1 or 2 people ASAP in GTA V. I want to record some gameplay tomorrow so let me know if you're interested. Must have a good mic and GTA V on the Xbox One. I don't care if you're a smaller channel; I care if you take YouTube seriously and put in a lot of time and effort into...
  26. FirestormLive

    Gaming Youtube Collaboration (Xbox One)

    I am looking for a YouTube Collaboration/ someone to record with. Here are the requirements: 1. 13-16 y/o 2. Very little background noise 3. Good mic 4. Skype (Optional) 5. GTA, Battlefield, or Forza 6. Xbox One 7. A youtube channel 25+ subs Message me on twitter or xbox if you are...
  27. D

    Gaming Youtube Group

    Hello I'm a small YT who is looking to grow and collaborate with other YT's as well. I have 133 subs and want to find at least 3-5 other people to do YT with. I would want to focus on NBA 2K, GTA funny moments, Call of Duty funny moments, and GTA skits/series Requirements 1.Xbox one 2.17+...
  28. Maxemole

    My Thoughts On Console Upgrading

    I'm sure you have heard of the rumors about new consoles coming. Here are my thoughts on the subject.
  29. Alexxd25

    Gaming Xbox One group! (Almost finshed)

    Hey! I've looked for people for quite some time and I've assembled quite a team we are just looking for a couple more so if you are interested please comment, we don't have any crazy requirements, just have decent content (Make sure is not recorded with an Ipad) and have minecraft since that's a...
  30. BluWolf

    Gaming Xbox Collab

    looking for a couple people to hang out with, make a couple videos and have a good time doing so. Preferably 13+ (I'm pretty chill with requirements) Doesn't matter on sub count Black Ops 3 GTA 5 Halo Madden/NBA And more! Gamertag: BluWolfHD