1. The Challenge Lads


    Hey guys, This is the lads very first 'promotional' post on here! Was hoping people could check out our latest video! We have only recently started up but would like peoples thoughts! If you enjoy go check out more of our videos, we are crafting like a little story throughout episodes even...
  2. Jaysterbaby

    Need help with YouTube card game

    I am trying to create a collectible card games that's new and exciting. I am looking for information such as permissions needed, if any. Follow us on Twitter @YouTubersAttack to get latest updated and news Basic easy to learn battle system Booster Packs, Starter Kits, Box Sets, etc Can you...
  3. bryan94c

    Los Angeles Book Fair

  4. X

    Vlog Vlogger in Arizona, USA. 113 Days straight now Looking for collabs

    Hey guys! My name is Ryan Frost, on social media I go by XRyanFrost on everything: I have been vlogging for 113 days straight, I have 282 subscribers and 17,136 total views. Just wanted to say Hi and see if anyone lives near me or whats to collab by sending eachother 30 second videos that we...
  5. DictionaryWrites

    Who are your favourite vloggers?

    Do you have any particular vloggers who you always love to keep up with? Why are they your favourites - do you think they're just fun, or do you find them inspirational or helpful?
  6. Connor S

    Comedy Looking for people to colab with.

    Hi, I'm Connor and I'm looking for people to collaborate with. So my channel is all about comedy. I am trying to branch out and grow as a content creator and I think doing that means having to colab with other Youtubers. I'm looking for funny people who don't hate me. I'm mainly looking for...
  7. Anthony Dufell

    Vlog Anyone in the LA/Antelope Valley want to Collaborate?

    Hey guys! My name is Anthony Dufell, I'm a Youtube vlogger. Amongst my years in vlogging, I have do other videos as well. I was just writing you all today to see if anyone is interested in collaborating? Message me if you are because I have some great Ideas for both our channels!
  8. wolfmxmans

    Vlog Looking to collab with other YouTuber in central London

    I posting a new video today on my channel so feel free to comments and give me suggestion and I will do the same. If you're interested in collaborating please do not hesitate to message me. Thanks.
  9. BrinoVlogs

    KSI ft Ricegum - Earthquake (Official Music Video) *REACTION*

  10. V

    200 Subs in 1.5 weeks. Good or bad ?

    I just started vlogging 1 week ago and I already have 200 Subs and about 4.5k views... And my channel keeps growing in this way. Do you guys think it is good ? Or it's like average ?

    Licking Dogs Water Challenge - VLOG #166

    Decided to do a challenge. The challenge is to lick the dogs water all gone. Licking water for the purpose of drinking it is harder than I thought it was gonna be. Will I beat my dog in a race. Watch and see to find out. Hope you enjoy the video. :)
  12. Brito21

    It was all a dream!

    https://www.enlightenedcultureshop.com/ Help a kid accomplish his dreams by purchasing some merchandise at enlightenedcultureshop.com In this video a young kid with ambitious and big goals reveals some of his merchandise from his shop. He wants and belives he can grow his clothing brand way...
  13. Festive

    Advice For Vlogging Confidence?

    Hi there. I really enjoy watching vlogs on YouTube and feel like it'd be fun to do it myself and to just have a place where I feel like I could share pieces of my life with other people, but I have a few things I'm just uncomfortable with. I've been bullied in the past and really don't feel good...
  14. Lloydo

    As A Vlogger...

    As a vlogger, what do you look for in a vlog? Funny characteristics, different personality, randomness, views on something? What would the top thing be that would draw you into watch a video and then stay to the end? I personally have only started vlogging with my fiancé and we are really...
  15. BrinoVlogs


  16. BrinoVlogs


  17. BrinoVlogs


  18. BrinoVlogs


    One of my best editted vlogs in my opinion without any actual action or events.
  19. Brito21

    F*ck the Haters! (Brawadis Fan talking smack)

    Brawadis is a youtuber who reportedly got in a fight with a 16 year old at sneakercon because the dude was talking s**t. I left a comment on Brawadis channel asking what happen and one of his fans went on my channel talking s**t. When i leave comments, I dont leave negativity or talk smack...
  20. L.A. Vloggers

    What do you guys want to see in LA?

    If you guys want to see anything in LA (Los Angeles, CA) just let me know in the comment section and I'll vlog it for you guys! If you guys want to see anything specific at Disneyland or Disney CA adventure also let me know in the comment section and we'll vlog it. Thank you. —90's Kids Vlogs
  21. BrinoVlogs



    Introduction to my channel! COMMANDER VLOGS!

    Join me on this journey called life. On this VLOG channel. I film my life, my dog, my friends, my neighbor Cheryl & more. I'm always trying to do cool and unique things to entertain you. Here's my Intro Video!
  23. Rory Hollinshead

    University Channel Ideas

    Hi everyone ! So come september im starting university and im thinking of starting a vlog/ videos about university to bring value to people who are going to be starting uni in the years to come and may other bits and bobs like challenge videos and pranks etc. Kind of a channel thats a little...
  24. Pedro Nascimento

    Vlog I Travel The World! Where Are You From?

    Hey to you all! I am a vlogger and I travel the world making vlogs! Tell me where are you from and if you want to collaborate on something that would be nice for both channels. I live in Dubai so it's easy for me to go almost anywhere. See you soon

    A Raccoon Destroyed My Car!!! Had To Call GEICO Insurance!

    Well 4:20AM this morning. I hit a raccoon with my car and he destroyed the front fender. I had to call my Geico insurance company and file a report. This really happened! This raccoon did some serious destruction! My car was under raccoon attack! Seems like raccoons only are up to no good...
  26. Isaac brabo

    Vlog SF Bay Area vloggers? Want to colab?

    Are there any Bay Area vloggers or similar type YouTuber a that would wanna colab with me? My YouTube channel is just Isaac Brabo on YouTube Send me a message with your channel or whatever if you're interested. Thanks! Isaac Brabo on YouTube
  27. Yachts For Sale

    Working with a Car TV Show and other Great Stuff!

    I've had the most amazing month with the Yachts For Sale YouTube channel and wanted to share this with a forum of people who appreciate this kind of thing... My company tasked me to find a yacht for a popular Car TV Show earlier this year, and last week I attended the filming and met one of the...
  28. B

    Conversion rates?

    So my channel is only about a month old, growth the first two weeks exploded ( in my eyes) and i hit about 40 subs, but over the last week or two i've only gained 6 subs but my views are still going up, I just passed 400 views. I did a little experiment and posted a new video and didn't promote...
  29. Tivo

    Who else watched Gary Vaynerchuck?

    I've been watching his content for about 2 months now and it changed my whole outlook on building a business, interacting with people, and growing social media. I started documenting my journey to becoming a professional filmmaker like Gary suggests we all do. I was curious if anybody else has...
  30. B

    Vlog Any vloggers in the Central Florida area?

    Just looking to see if there are any other vloggers around central florida, looking to share some tips and tricks and maybe set up some collabs in the future =]