1. S

    description box and second channel

    Need help! Is there any software out there I know its cheating that can write description box for I can't get the hang of writing it I'm s***r need help I'm losing subs and also how can I get icons added 2nd is my channel have started to do vlogs so it's a mixture of challenge and vlogs do u...
  2. Art Maurick Melgar

    Vlog Looking for small vloggers

    I am a small vlogger who just started out at youtube and I am looking for other small vloggers to have a give and take support system
  3. Martika

    Vlog Houston Newbie looking to collab online. Lets do Challenges, Vlogs, Pranks, and more.

    Houston TX Newbie looking to collab online/in person. Let's get together to do Challenges, Vlogs, Pranks, Q&A, and more. I'm a single mom looking to build a friendship via YT or in person. Let's get creative, have fun, and build a family you guys. Open to suggestion. Lets work together. XO
  4. ReeceS

    Elgato Unleashed!

    Hi All My names Reece I've recently uploaded Elgato Unleashed .... I would love any feed back on how to improve and make things better many thanks in advance Reece
  5. ReeceS

    Elgato Unleashed!

    Hi All My names Reece I've recently uploaded Elgato Unleashed .... I would love any feed back on how to improve and make things better many thanks in advance Reece
  6. MisterRJ

    Meet Up/Gathering Looking for collabs (UK)

    Hi guys and gals. I’m RJ. I’ve been dabbling with ye old YouTube for about 6 years now. Recently (12 months) I have been really pushing to make some quality content. I had taken a few months off due to leaving collage and transitioning into the adult world. I’m ready to get back on track and I...
  7. Jenelly

    What's a good network to join for Tutorial Channels?

    Hello, I hope this is the right location for me to post my question, if not then please feel free to move my post else where. anyhoo i have been on a youtube break for a while and i really miss creating tutorial guides. I use to be on some small network but i guess their was issues and as i...
  8. M

    How Do I Rank My Vlogs?

    I know people don't go searching for vlogs, but how can I make it so that when they are searching for something, I also pop up. This will give me a greater chance of getting clicked on, but I don't know how to get my vlogs to ranks. I've watched countless videos on ranking but none have been...
  9. M

    How can I increase my vlogs' audience retention?

    I make vlogs and mix the style of normal vlogs and cinematic b-roll. Sort of like peter mckinnon but not copying him. Anyway, I have a channel average of 1 minute retention and I feel that is sub-par. How can I increase it. I have watched plenty of audience retention videos but they all talk...
  10. Juan Walls

    Knives thrown in the air and sleep deprived singing!! Whar can go wrong while cooking??

    Come join us in our vlog as we cook together!
  11. Henry Sierra

    New Channel!

    Hi guys, I post Daily Vlogs about my life and put a twist on them as a film-maker :) Here's a vid if you wanna stop by :)
  12. ucandp

    Vlog Western NY or Ontario Canada Collab

    Hi! I am looking for comedy collabs or vlog collabs in Western NY or Canada from Niagara Falls to Toronto. My comedy channel has 192 subscribers My vlog channel has 23 subscribers
  13. Steven&Cilla

    Hit 10,000 Views!

    We just hit 10,000 Views on our channel! So excited to see the growth we’ve been getting since going daily consistently over the last 50+ days!
  14. Chicken Tendies

    Feedback please <3

    Since it is the new year i would love it if some people would look and some of our stuff and give us an honest critique because I want to better the experience on all fronts of the channel. Thanks and Love from the boys at Chicken Tendies<3
  15. Brettinator

    How To Start Your Channel

    Hey! I just made my channel recently and I already know what I want to do (weekday vlogs, with a special video, not vlog related every other week(I already have some scripts written out)). But I'm too afraid to start... My main concern is that I won't be able to be consistent or I will forget to...
  16. J

    Gaming Team Eridium Recruiting!

    Hello, I am Jason Pruitt, the founder of Team Eridium! I am here at YT-Talk today to recruit for my YouTube content team under the name 'Team Eridium'. What is Team Eridium? Team Eridium was made for people who wish to pursue YouTube but cannot post all the time, people who want to collab...

    Finally Broke 100 Subscribers on my VLOG Channel!

    I am so glad that I finally broke 100 subscribers on my VLOG channel! I have been working so hard, been on that daily VLOG grind and it has paid off! I past 100 subscribers on Tuesday and today I am at 124 subscribers. Killing the game now. I appreciate all who support me, I couldn't do it with...

    Outback Steak House 5 Star Review / Mukbang - VLOG #222

    Wen't to the Outback Steak House! I give them a 5 star review! The food and my margarita was amazing! This is a food VLOG / Mukbang video. Hope you enjoy it! :)

    Ups and Downs! Good Things Come From Failure! - VLOG #214

    Life has its ups and downs and good things come from failure. You can't win unless you fail first. If you hit a brick wall, climb over it or break through it. Everyone has problems, it's how you deal with your problems that makes you a winner! Enjoy the video...
  20. Ray Bayne

    Vlog Self-Dev, Vlogs, Comedy, Lifestyle, Dating, LET'S COLLAB

    What up! I'm down to collab! Let me know what type of videos you make, I'll figure something out for us :)
  21. RomanV_

    Vlog Arizona vloggers

    Hi guys! I'm looking for other vloggers in Arizona to collaborate with. Feel free to reach me out!
  22. BrinoVlogs


  23. Billy Bob Vlogs

    Vlog 6.2K Subscriber Channel looking for collaborators Virginia Beach Boardwalk

    My name is Johanna, I like vlogging, camping, bushcraft, beach activities especially metal detecting. Preferably I'm looking for another female to collaborate with in a video or videos, and vice versa. Check out my channel, contact me through my youtube channel.
  24. M

    Vlog Anyone in Minnesota looking to create?

    Anyone in Minnesota looking to create?
  25. C

    Other Looking to collaborate?

    Hello everyone I have a nice starting YouTube channel and Im look to collaborate with anyone who has a good active fanbase and also like yo blogs and other reactions and so on so on I will be glad to work with anyone no matter of the subscribers I currently have 207 subscribers I considered them...
  26. HypedFPS

    Vlog Looking for advice and some people to collaborate in the uk

    Here's my channel HypedFilms
  27. Brotherson1

    Working As A Security Guard In Israel

  28. RhysMatthews2124

    Vlog UK VLOGGER/IRL VIDEOS (15-20)

    I'm looking for any youtubers in the uk who fancy collabing, idm what video, just reply to this and i'll get in touch
  29. The Challenge Lads


    Hey guys, This is the lads very first 'promotional' post on here! Was hoping people could check out our latest video! We have only recently started up but would like peoples thoughts! If you enjoy go check out more of our videos, we are crafting like a little story throughout episodes even...