Welcome To My Channel! Introduction Video! Must See!

    This is my Welcome to my channel video. Watch this epic channel introduction video that you must see. I bet it will be hard to look away from the video. This showcases a lot of the work I have done on YouTube over the years. It took me a really long time to put this together so, I really hope...
  2. ZachOnTheRun

    I need vlogging help!

    Now, before you say what the best camera is. I'm just deciding between what I have. I have a GoPro which I have vlogged with for years and I love it. It already has a stand. I can turn it easy from my face to whatever is in front of me. It's just much easier to use. But now I got a galaxy j3...
  3. O

    What defines a vlog?

    I've been confused for a while now what defines an actual vlog. I've seen people title videos like this "whisper challenge vlog" or "cooking with (so and so) vlog" But then I've seen the same exact thing without the word vlog in the title just straight up "whisper challenge." A few youtubers...
  4. MeezyJenner

    Vlog Collabs?

    Hey guys, So I've been gone finishing up school and since its summer I wanted to get back into Youtube, I was wondering if anyone wants to collaborate, I don't have any material yet but we can discuss some ideas. Shoot me an email if your interested. Yrmezzzy@gmail.com
  5. XxPoisnous_KissxX

    Youtube Collab Channel Name?

    Hello everyone! Thanx for reading this, I have a channel and need to change the name, I was originally going to do just gaming videos with a friend of mine. When we decided to not only do gaming videos, but vlogs, challenges, DIY's, Compilations, and other videos of the such. Also, my name is...
  6. BrinoVlogs

    How do I title my videos to make it more interesting?

    So i've been trying to make better and more intriguing video titles... but for vlogs.. what do you guys think I should be doing to make people click on my videos more??? or to spark up their interest?
  7. BrinoVlogs

    What Kind of segments interest you?

    Hey, I'm a vlogger and I often do segments once in awhile, but as of this summer I will be daily vlogging and pushing my channel to its limits. So I want to ask you guys what kind of segments would interest you to watch? such as lunch segments, deep talks, sports, chill time etc???
  8. BrinoVlogs


  9. C

    Vlog Ideas?

    Hi! I'm planning on starting up my vlog channel soon but I don't have any ideas! Does anyone have any? If so, please reply with any you might have! It would help a lot!
  10. Sladee

    Am I on The Right Track?

    So I posted a thread earlier about combining gaming and lifestyle video, but I decided to go all in and dive into the lifestyle/IRL side of YouTube. I plan to add Outdoor Vlog's to my videos soon as to add to my own editing style. However, I would like to know if im on the right track, as i've...
  11. Sladee

    Gaming Videos + IRL? Will it work?

    I really want to keep a gaming channel sort of vibe, and share irl stories/talk about real events. The problem is I want to create content sort of like Faze Jev (if you've never heard of him, he makes gaming videos and shares details about his life.) But i've only see it done once, and that's on...
  12. Sofia360

    Vlog Hola Chic@s! - COLLABORATION 330 Subs- Latin/Spanish Youtuber´s

    Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who would like to collaborate for a Video. Currently I have 330 Subs ;) ....... yes not the world but consistently growing. I would be open for any kind of collaboration so lets get in contact and start to move things. (Living in Vienna - Austria) Besos...
  13. BrinoVlogs


    The promposal for my 3 year girlfriend! Enjoy
  14. BrinoVlogs

    Request Im looking for a simple and nice intro for a vlog channel

    Hey, well the request is as I said in the title, looking a simple nice intro for a vlog channel! hit me up, I'm willing to give a shout out or pay alittle extra cash!
  15. B

    Vlog Anyone who lives in northern Virginia, US who wanna do vlogs and videos together

    I live in Centreville, Virginia i am looking for people who would like to start youtube together and grow together also be good friends manage to become famous together!
  16. maarcnig

    VLOG: Starbuck's New Limited Unicorn Frappuccino

    Starbucks came out with their very limited Unicorn Frappuccino two days ago. It sold out within its first day release and my friend and I decided to go on a hunt for a Starbucks store that still carried it. Apparently all Starbucks stores sold out. After calling over 30 Starbucks stores we...
  17. Bekkadee

    Vlog Who wants to collab?! :)

    Hey everyone, we're looking to do a fun collab video with someone who has (ideally) a similar amount of subs as us! If you don't, don't sweat too much, leave a message and we'd love to check out your channel! We're based in Toronto, Canada. So if you are nearby or live in Toronto, that would be...
  18. swizz

    Comedy looking for a vlogger

    Subslooking for someone who is funny or who has a nice personality to collab with 100+subs
  19. Matias Gomez

    Vlog In LA for a week. Down for a collab

    Was up guys. I am currently in LA for this week. I was wondering if anyone in the area would be intrested in doing a video. It could be a vlog, exploring the city, going into abounded buildings, doing interviews with people. If you guys are interested send me a message on my gmail at...
  20. SGandbabyP

    Family/Baby Channel First Video Ideas

    Hi! I am looking into starting a channel about myself and my daughter Penelope who is 6 months old. I plan on doing DIY videos, vlogs, baby informative videos, room tours, stuff like that. Kind of like Bramty Juliette, OKbaby and other family youtube channels. I am just REALLY struggling with...
  21. Nicky Furmage

    Am i posting in the right category?

    Hi I have quite a few trip vlogs up now, i always post to travel and events but i was just thinking should i be posting to people and vlogs? not sure it would make much difference but any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks