I need vlogging help!


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Now, before you say what the best camera is. I'm just deciding between what I have.
I have a GoPro which I have vlogged with for years and I love it. It already has a stand. I can turn it easy from my face to whatever is in front of me. It's just much easier to use.
But now I got a galaxy j3 emerge phone and am wondering if that will be better.
It has zoom feature and no fish eye lens.
I am lost and need help!
The phone records 720p video at 30fps, but it's not very stable and tends to lose focus easily. The zoom is a digital zoom, not an optical zoom, and the more you zoom in the more pixelated your image will look. By and large, it's not an impressive phone. It's a budget phone that gets the job done without all the bells and whistles.

I imagine your GoPro would be leaps and bounds better, but I am not sure what model you have. However, any GoPro made since 2010 has been able to record in 1080p HD, and beginning with the HERO3 series in 2012 every GoPro has been able to record in 4K ever since.
I think the gopro would be better. It's meant for video recording where the Samsungs that aren't galaxy's aren't that great cameras. You can change the viewing angle on the gopro so it doesn't look like a fisheye right? You can change to normal viewing angle. But also if you've already been filming in this then it might throw off your users if you change, especially if the quality isn't better! Hope that helps! [emoji4]
I also agree with the team here. I use action cameras exclusivly for vlogging - and even the iPhone7 camera which is seriously good is still not there yet.
The main benefit will be frame rate. if you can get your frame rate up to 60fps for example in th GoPro you will be able to create much smoother look and feel, as well as have more flexibility to slow the footage down.
The aspect i do not like about mobile cameras is the pan. The pan just turns to digital mush, so best avoided if possible.
Go Pros usually look best when you are filming action scenes, but as far as a "sit down" video, it would be a better picture if you used a camera or camera phone. I know my IPhone shoots just fine for vlogging purposes.