A Raccoon Destroyed My Car!!! Had To Call GEICO Insurance!


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Well 4:20AM this morning. I hit a raccoon with my car and he destroyed the front fender.
I had to call my Geico insurance company and file a report.
This really happened! This raccoon did some serious destruction!
My car was under raccoon attack!
Seems like raccoons only are up to no good getting in the trash and making messes and now destroying my car. The raccoons they have to be stopped they are ruining my life!
Now my car is ruined, I think the raccoons family should pay for my car! Haha! Dammit!
Gieco says they will pay for this but, I need to pay a $500 deductible!
Which I need to find away to come up with that money some how.
They also said they will pay for my rental car while my car is in the shop and even offered to give my car a free tow. Pretty cool huh?
Here is the video...