I've Got It

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In this video a young kid with ambitious and big goals reveals some of his merchandise from his shop. He wants and belives he can grow his clothing brand way bigger than it is. Everyone has a dream and no matter how successful anyone get they all start at the bottom unless they are blessed with rich families or connections. In this vlog I unbox my shirts, and other items and I appreciate anyone who supports both my youtube channel and clothing brand. Everyone starts small. Most of the time people you know dont support you because they dont believe in you but you have to believe in yourself to be successful. They only come around when you make it big. This video is lit! Check out my apparel! It is combines a hustlers mentality with street culture. Many people are into fashion and even Kanye West had to start somewhere! Whether your passion is fashion, street wear, video games, or watching movies, you can accomplish anything! My designs are lit bro!

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