1. MagikMike

    Has anyone used the YouTube Merch Shelf feature? What has your experience been in converting sales?

    Hi everyone, I'd be curious to hear from anyone who has used YouTube's Merch Shelf feature and how well it has helped them convert viewers to sales. I have read that the average apparel conversion rate is somewhere within the range of 1-3%, but it would cool to figure out a rough benchmark for...
  2. S

    Request Merchindise outro

    so what to create some merch for my channel which ive already done now sometimes i see on famous youtubers that the end of video they have like end card our mech video not long to sell merch can anyone help on how to make one ive tried all over net
  3. JustDestiny

    Merchandise company Partnership

    I've recently just been contacted by a company offering a partnership in exchange to for selling my merchandise. They offered my a 60/40 revenue split for net-profits. Any experienced business men/women on here think that this a good deal? I want to make sure I'm getting the best deal I possibly...
  4. ProjectJamesify

    Merchandise Outsourcing Partners: Which One?

    Hey everybody, I'm nearing the 200K subscribers milestone and so I would love to start something my fans have been asking for: merchandise with my channel's branding. But after some research I haven't found a lot of merchandise partners, as they all seem to be kind of small. I also don't know...
  5. S


    Ok so need help my niece wants to realise some merchandise but she some times sees other YouTubers do like a quick advertisement of there merch I would say like a video but approx 10 sec long. Picture price etc how can I create it
  6. S


    Ok so I'm in charge of my niece channel she says she wants to realise merchandise so I said ok we design it etc now does anyone know how to advertise it on the beginning or end of video like a video of what merchandise there is etc like Logan Paul's does is there software I got to use please help
  7. Brito21

    It was all a dream! Help a kid accomplish his dreams by purchasing some merchandise at In this video a young kid with ambitious and big goals reveals some of his merchandise from his shop. He wants and belives he can grow his clothing brand way...
  8. cedriccha

    Where do you create your merch?

    Hi there, Looking to get some t-shirts/merch done. I heard Teespring is the best option. Any other suggestions?
  9. Baylze


    How do you guys feel about YouTubers having merchandise? Have you bought any merchandise from YouTubers? I know some YouTubers have made the transfer from vlogger to singer, and buying their music isn't really the same thing. I'm talking more about T-Shirts, Hoodies, Cups, Posters, etc. Some...
  10. KiddieToysReview

    Merchandising? Any experiences, advice?

    Anyone have experience with merchandising and can offer some pointers? Google searches keep bringing up, they even have a dedicated FAQ for Youtubers. Is this the best website to go with? Is a logo the only "standard" thing that people put on merchandise, or can we put our...
  11. and_the-teddy_bach

    Need some help with a question about merch

    I currently writing an article about YouTube and I was wondering how much money is generated by selling merch. Does anyone has some figures or sources?
  12. H

    Do you think its better to have branded merch or actual sayings?

    Basically what the title says but do you think its better to have branded pictures that you are known for or would it be better to have a special way of saying things people would know you for. Of course you could have more but do you think its as effective then one is then the other?