Merchandise Outsourcing Partners: Which One?


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Hey everybody,

I'm nearing the 200K subscribers milestone and so I would love to start something my fans have been asking for: merchandise with my channel's branding.

But after some research I haven't found a lot of merchandise partners, as they all seem to be kind of small. I also don't know what would be a good deal or not.

Which do you know are out there? Would you be so kind to share some advice?

Looking forward to discussing this with you guys, thanks!


EDIT: Fanfiber seems to be a very popular choice so many other creators. Does anybody have experience with them?
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Depends really on what you want to achieve with your merch. If I were you, I would suggest determining whether or not you want to either have something akin to a bunch of shirts that are well-made, well-designed, good looking and will have appeal to people (both inside your audience while not being strange to people who may have never heard of your channel), or, if you want to simply slap your logo/likeness etc. onto a bunch of products.

I think that determining which of the two you are leaning towards, this will go a long way toward any suggestions I can give you.
I would like to start off with congratulations on 200k approach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proud moment !! I love hearing these growth news because it gives me hope! I know that I am a Small Channel of only 7 but i just finished college in business and What I would Recommend is to do a test market of product first This way its easier to weigh out things that may not sell. I would make a hand full of each merch you wanted and hen try and see how fast the go. I would ask my Channel for there advice maybe make a video asking what your audience wants from you. Hope this helps and congrats I will be another added to your 200k approach !! you have 203k ;) just seen that lol