1. Shawn The Wonder

    Gaming Looking for a Geek Girl to Talk About Geek Apparel

    Hey there. I have a gaming YouTube channel and I like to talk about things that aren't discussed that much and one of those is geek related clothing. Some people think you can't pop out in clothing that has references to anime, video games, comics, and the like, but I showed in my latest video...
  2. Brittneytaylorwg

    Haul video review!

    I recently uploaded a spring 2018 haul video and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the way I edited the video, the quality of the video, and if it is worth watching in other people's opinion. Thank you!!!
  3. RhysCoward

    Other Clothing Business Partner / Designer

    I'm looking into starting a clothing line and sponsoring different youtubers but i need some people to join me below are some different jobs that need doing Head Partner mainly looking for someone with 100+ interactive subscribers to promote to professionally minded serious enquires only this...
  4. A

    How to reach a female audience?

    Hey guys! I got pretty lucky and got to 100 within 5 days and it's been 9 days and I'm at 294 subs with 6,695 views! I'm pretty happy about that. I also started a new Instagram to go with my YouTube account and I've gained 140 followers in the last week. My only gripe is that I'm not hitting...
  5. Brito21

    It was all a dream! Help a kid accomplish his dreams by purchasing some merchandise at In this video a young kid with ambitious and big goals reveals some of his merchandise from his shop. He wants and belives he can grow his clothing brand way...