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  1. F

    SEO problem?!

    Hey guys! I have been active (posting weekly for a little while now) but my views are so small! I think most of them are family and friends probably ! The actual shooting doesn’t take long but I put in a lot of work into the editing part... this is the most recent one and it only has 74 views...
  2. Eve Hemingway

    Hiding view count on videos...Anyone do this?

    Hi! I have seen quite a few youtubers hide their view count and you can only see this once you click on the video. Can this make you get more views? Is that the main reason someone would do this? Do anyone else do this and have you find it makes a difference to anything in your analytics?
  3. Savannahs Toy Box HD

    One year Anniversary and still hanging on.

    Hi Friends Time to get the cake and blow out that single candle. :mstickle: We have made our one year anniversary. 260 subscribers, 8894 views and 257.5 hours. We never thought it possible to achieve all this within a year. Thanks to everyone that helped us get this far. :dance: BIG THUMBS UP...
  4. VRONA

    How Many Views and Subscribers did you Have When Your Channel Took Off?

    So I've been recently looking a lot on how my channel compares to others in terms of growth rate, etc., and it's been always apparent that my channel is growing extremely slowly, with only 205 subscribers and 8.5k views after 4 years. So I want to know if you have a channel that took off, what...
  5. Q

    Does youtube count views on forum?

    I have a video, and I share my video in a forum. I saw many views about my post in the forum, but I didn't see that in my youtube video. So my question is does youtube count views on forum?
  6. M

    Low views? Am I posting on the wrong days?

    Hey everyone, So the way my schedule is right now, Fridays are the best time to post for me but I've been noticing lately that my videos aren't getting many views at all, kind of even less than when I first started :O_o2: and I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.. (Really hope it's not...
  7. VRONA

    Views Not Showing up In Analytics

    So my views have had a recent huge increase in views. Two days ago I uploaded a video, got a few views, then quickly expanded by over 130 views, and then stopped immediately and then only got a view or two every few hours. Then the video I published a day before that one did the same. And now...
  8. VRONA

    Do Your Videos Have a View Growth Pattern?

    Looking at my Channel, I discovered that all my videos follow a pattern for gaining views. The first one is for my Pokémon TCG opening videos. They get the most views on my channel, around 50-70 each. They get a whole bunch of views the minute they are published, yet that quick increase in...
  9. Dutchie Abroad

    Views stuck at 95?

    So, I could swear I've seen a similar topic on this, but I can't seem to find it. So I'm opening a new thread, hope you guys don't mind. For the last two days my views on my channel page have been stuck at 95, but when I go to the Creator Studio it says 135. The page views used to update every...
  10. Tarek 47

    Many Views But Few Likes

    Hi, guys, I'm new member here and I have youtube channel with more than 1700 subscribers my channel has more than 2 years old and I was making videos but not regular like 1 video in 3 months or more so I wasn't worried about views and likes and comments in the start I was making different...
  11. M

    Video views aren't rising?

    Hey guys, so I was looking through my videos today and I noticed that certain videos have almost no views. I understand that some videos will of course be more popular than others, but I didn't realize there would be such a huge difference. Example: I uploaded a video this morning and it's...
  12. Deepankar Singh

    I hit 4000 Views Today

    Hello Folks Today my channel hit 4k views with 120 subs From January 2017(I had got 3000k views in January in just 45 days) Due to Internet problem I was not able to upload regularly now its fixed and in last week I have got around 400+ view now . And I hope it keeps going without anymore...
  13. Style Child

    Problem with my View Count?

    Hi YTTalk, The video of my channel with the most views at the moment is called "M I A M I L I F E" and currently boasts 47 views...or at least i think it does??? when i look at the video while logged into my creator account the video claims 47 views but when it is found in the suggestions or...
  14. The Paranormal Scholar

    Channel collapsing in a week, blip?

    Hello, Our channel is almost a year and a half old. Recently we have been pushing to expand our growth. Over the past month and a half we have been making two videos a week which have all been received positively and our growth was good. However, last Friday we put up a video about occultism...
  15. SimpleUnboxingTV

    Let's talk about views!

    Hello fellow Youtubers! :happy: For some time now I have been trying to figure out a good way to gather people to actually have a look at my channel/content! I've been trying to spread my videos in facebook groups, sadly most of the time you get hit by that "SUB4SUB" and as most of us know...
  16. ChimpTv

    After a really good start my views have plummeted, any ideas why?

    I started a YouTube channel recently covering car crash compilations called ChimpTv. I advertise in all the usual places (FB, G+,Twitter) Now my views are just dwindling away despite collecting subscribers and likes along the way Any ideas whats going on?
  17. Lekjih

    Hot Topic View drop on Tuesday 24th January (** all discussion here ONLY **)

    I had 144 views yesterday, and today I have 115. I don't understand how that has happened? When I counted them up, I actually have 151, has it just swapped the numbers? _______________ Note from YTtalk staff: -This thread is about the specific view adjustment on Tuesday 24th January 2017...
  18. Dadrules

    views from other web sources

    Hi guys when it comes to web links and how they work i am a little lost. What i want to know is when i post videos on other sites like Facebook, twitter and so on does the view count if they watch that video and does it transcend across to your view count. Or do they have to actually click on...
  19. HalieCakes


    Finally hit that 1,000 view count on my channel! Makes me feel so proud and good about what I'm doing ʕ´• ᴥ •`ʔ
  20. Justine


    So we're a little bit over now, but I just recently reached 10,000 views! Thats so cool! It's so weird to think that, in total, 10,000 people watched my videos, but it's super cool at the same time as it being weird:happy: I just wanna say thanks to anyone on the forum that's seen my videos and...
  21. FrankenPixelGaming

    Subscriber Goals

    Okay, so obviously there are a lot of variables when it comes to getting subscribers/views. Branding, marketing, etc. are all important and to a certain degree luck is as well. But what about giving your viewers a reward for when you reach a certain number of subscribers/views. We've all heard...
  22. Jgaust Online

    50 Subs and 2,000+ views!

    Hello Hello Hello! And THANK YOU to everyone that helped me get to this point! Psh, everyone always told me video games wouldn't get me anywhere!
  23. gerard loughran


    YouTube is just a hobbie I enjoy making family videos and enjoy editing. Of course I'd glance at numbers of views and subs etc Was just wondering does anyone just focus on it and let it effect how they feel, like happy if you gain or sad and upset If the numbers never change?
  24. Henry Gallimore

    What do you hope to get from Youtube?

    What are your ultimate aspirations with Youtube? Questions to consider with your answer: -Do you want to be a full time Youtuber? -Is Youtube a stepping stone/hobby that you hope will lead to other things? -Do you have an ultimate subscriber/viewercount goal? -Do you want to have social...
  25. martingray360

    48h estimated views constantly the same... why

    My channel is very new, just entered 2nd month. Until 2-3 days ago daily views fluctuated from 1000 to 3800 on weekends. Now they are constantly on 2500 estimated views for last 48h. Occasionally it drops to 2400 but quickly go back to 2500 and stay there. Is that normal? Why YT is doing that...
  26. martingray360

    first month; 60,000+ views, 170+ subs; 20 videos; 180+ hours of work

    Emotionally-draining first month is over! 20 videos 360degree 60,000 views 170+ views Countless coffees, constantly watching real time stats, getting overly excited when numbers go up, ready to close the shop when go down. Second month started less optimistic, but hoping for a bright future...
  27. MechaJake

    My channel just reached 100 Subs + 7500 Views!

    Hey Everyone, I'm celebrating a milestone today of reaching 100 subs and 7500 views! :) Actually as I'm typing this my subs dropped to 99 but it's still a celebration! Really loving Youtube so far! My journey continues! EDIT: For some reason this site wouldn't take my youtube username when I...
  28. artiflex

    How to stop looking at the view count?

    Do you guys experience that too when you uploaded a video that you always want to see if the video got more views already? It looks like an addiction, in the beginning I had it always a lot, now I force myself to not watch at the view count after I promoted it. Does anyone experience this too...
  29. ShawnMcCallum

    Struggling to grow my channel's audience

    This summer I finally committed to my YouTube channel. I have decided to make new videos every week and have been creating adventure Vlogs as a way to achieve this. I'm proud of my content and feel people will really enjoy my videos but I'm struggling to gain any real momentum and find an...
  30. Ermelin

    800+ views in 4 days ? Are they REAL views?

    Hi guys, I had received over 800 views on one of my vlogs in the last 4 days. I usually get anything from 0-40 views, except for another 2 vlogs that I got 400+ views and 1,400+ views. I wonder if people are finding my vlogs due to the title or if they are fake views? Spam? I see that the...