1. JLD

    Request Looking for a thumbnail for my new football video

    So I'm pretty shocking at making thumbnails and I feel I did a decent standard of them to attract viewers. I mainly do football edits and I'm willing to give you a shoutout with annotation on screen and links in the description. Please let me know if you're able to help
  2. Rachel Stewart


    Hi, my name is Rachel Stewart, in a documentary filmmaker and I'm looking for a graphic designer to do some free or cheap work for me, I'm looking for a movie online poster to promote my documentary, below is the type of style I'm looking for, Thanks for your time! -Rachel
  3. Heaven Dancer

    Thumbnail Title Ideas

    Hello, I am needing advice on a thumbnail title. I am creating a "how to" video on a ballet move called a balancé and how to use it for worship flags (using the dance movement to move around the church). My niche is small and the biggest "competitor" uses the title "Flag Tutorial". That's not...
  4. Suprex

    Request I need help with a CSGO Funny Moments Thumbnail!

    I need someone skilled with GFX or just making Thumbnails to make me a CSGO Funny Moments Thumbnail that stands out.. I would pay if i had a credit card but if you are willing to make this for me and possibly help me with future Thumbnails then i will give you shoutouts and once i get a credit...
  5. KTP

    Is updating any meta data/thumbnails on old videos worthwhile?

    If this has been asked and answered already, I apologize. But does it make sense to update meta-data (title, description, keywords etc) or thumbnail on an old video? Or not so much? I know our channel is too small and in the early stages for it to help, but this is more of a general question...
  6. GreyStreetGirl

    Programs for Thumbnail Creation

    Hello, friends! First let me say I apologize if this isn't in the correct spot. I wasn't sure whether or not I should put it here or in branding. I wanted to know what program you all used to create thumbnails. I'm NOT GOOD at photo editing at all, and I usually use Ribbet by the end of things...
  7. Nicholas Thing

    Thumbnail feedback

    Hey guys, I am asking myself if my thumbnails are good. So I am asking you. This is my latest design and I kinda wanna go further with this type of stuff. So can you please judge it? here is the link from my youtube video with my latest design: Or just go to my youtube channel and you'll see it
  8. C

    Reditors - What is this and why is it appearing?

    I have this annoying chainlink icon where the thumbnails should be appearing on my videos for Redit. It happens on every single post, and obviously is unsightly if I am trying to get people to watch my content. Why does this appear? Why does my thumbnail not appear? Thanks!
  9. T

    Finished/Closed [closed] making thumbnails for free if you guys are interested

    feel like making some thumbnails for free not a master at this by any means, but thought it might be of some use to all of you just send me a message and ill see what i can do
  10. Cooliits HR

    Kids channel struggling & art of good seo, keywords & thumbnails.

    Hello everyone. We are a kids channel and we have this channel for almost 2 years now. The sad thing is we're still struggling to grow. We've done challenges, egg surprises, unboxings (mostly Lego) but nothing seems to click. We've tried adwords but to no avail. Few hundreds views but nothing...
  11. coolness3775

    Services CHEAP and High Quality: BANNERS / THUMBNAILS / LOGOS and MORE

    I create cheap and high quality GFX, you can purchase them by emailing me at Here are some examples of my graphics... End Card- $1 Edited Video- $3 Thumbnail- $1 2D Banner- $1 Minecraft Banner- $2
  12. Lamp 64

    Thumbnail Opinion

    I'm in for anything that brings in a dynamic mood. For my first video, when i posted it, i didn't have a custom made thumbnail for it. It seems like a strong thumbnail is what sparks a person's interest towards seeing the video. So i ask the people of yttalk to rate my thumbnail and give me...
  13. Volterink

    Request Looking for Thumbnails

    Hi yttalk members, I was wondering whether there is anyone that would be able to make youtube thumbnails for me as I have no idea how to make them. The only problem would be that it would have to be free. If anyone is still interested, please let me know Thanks, Volt P.s. As I cant pay you, I...
  14. AdmUp

    Text or No Text, that is the question.

    Regarding thumbnails. Do you think it's best to have text over them or just leave them as an image. Most of the time I just add the same words that are in the video title or a small quote. But sometimes when I'm editing, they just look more eye catching. Thing is, I'm planning on having...
  15. SeanFace101

    Whats the correct px size for a YoutTube thumbnail?

    When I am creating a thumbnail on paint what ????x???? pz should it be to prevent any of the thumbnail image bein not seen cut out, etc.. when the thumbnail is see when its on the video? :P Thanks.
  16. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    What is wrong? My Channels are not getting enough views!

    Hi friends, our channel is 5 months old. During our first 3 months it is doing well and getting decent views and traffic. After that 3 months we noticed that the views and traffic are dropping slowly. What do you think is wrong? Are we not doing it right about our content, titles, descriptions...
  17. Blunt Brittany

    Custom Thumbnail won't save

    So I always upload a custom thumbnail and when I published my most recent video it doesn't show the custom thumbnail. It automatically saved with one of the three YouTube gives you standard. I have tried to re upload the thumbnail or choose a different one of the three standard ones and it won't...
  18. hatlesschimp

    Which Thumbnail A or B?

    Hi fellow YTTalkers! I created two thumbnails in the last 24 hours and I cant decide which one to run with. Normally I dont care but I want to now stay consistent with a certain theme so others can Identify my easier. Exhibit A was created 3am last night and B was created at midday when I...
  19. Laraknowsyoutubee


    I am willing to make Banners & Thumbnails for free! But here are the rules (i guess) You have to have a youtube channel with minimum 100 subs and you must make a video about my channel. you must put my channel link on top of your description.. Other than that nothing!
  20. Jackpat02rules

    Request [Free] Thumbnails

    Hello, today I am looking for people who can make high-quality 3D Minecraft thumbnails. I have a few different ones I would like and it will be listed shortly. All links needed for this request will be given if you are interested and have contacted me on one or more of my links I will give...
  21. Dollebob

    Make Quick Good looking Thumbnails With This Easy Tool/App ! Try it out yourself :)

    Hey if you want to make some quick good looking thumbnail, you should try this tool/app :D Its Fast, Simple, Quick and you can make some really good ones. It aint Photoshop, but can be a great help for those without :) Hope its usefull I cant post link. Thumbnail Generator: You can search...
  22. SeanFace101

    Anyone know how i take a photo from my video?

    How do I take a photo / snap shot from my video so I can use it as a thumbnail? :P Such as a website I upload my video 2 then can download photos from it or something? :P
  23. J

    How do you make a good thumbnail?

    :help:Hi, so I have a gaming channel and I've never been good at making a thumbnail for a video and I'm still having trouble. I wanted to know if there's anything I could use to help make batter thumbnails.
  24. JeggiTV

    Is my video thumbnail any good? Be honest.

    I used Photoshop to create my thumbnails. It's a gaming video about a Super Nintendo game called Pocky and Rocky. I don't know if this thumbnail is attractive enough to get viewers. What do you think? Thanks.
  25. mbherdman


    Just thought I'd share what my favorite apps are to make thumbnails. Typorama has some GREAT fonts. AND IT IS SO EASY TO USE. It does however have a little watermark at the bottom that you can pay to remove or easily hide with a colored border around the photo. And then I use Enlight, also super...
  26. David9974

    Services High Quality, Cheap Channel Art, for 3$ (PayPal) :)

    I'm starting this "Project" where I will sell Digital Artwork (Youtube Art in this case), such as Banners, Profile Pictures,Icons, and Thumbnails for 3$. I created a TWITTER account YESTERDAY, only for this project, where I will be posting some samples for you to help me to improve...
  27. Derrick Toys

    New Vlog Review & Thumbnail Help!!

    Would love suggestions how to improve. What do you think of thumbnail? Searching software for better thumbnails but can't seem to find anything comparable to photoshop. Looking for ways to improve uploads for higher ranking, any advice??
  28. SeanFace101

    How do i change the image of a playlist?

    I have a playlist on my channel and the image for it wont change. All my over playlist's images change to the image of the latest video added to it, but one of my playlists wont :P How do I change the image for that playlist? or at least get that playlist to change automatically to the latest...
  29. Night_Terrors

    Thumbnail size changes on YouTube search results page

    Thumbnail size changed on the YouTube search results page. It's bigger now. Never counted the first page of results before, but now, there's only 20 videos on page one. And the first TWO of those listings are advertisements!
  30. Omnicide

    Services *Very High Quality, Affordable Custom Made Youtube Branding! | Variety of Products on Offer!*

    Do you need some high quality custom youtube branding tailored for your needs? This is the place for you! I'm a professional graphics designer and can make custom, personalised, unique branding just for you, ranging from a logo, to an entire redesign for your channel! My services to come at a...