1. sickmind33

    Free software for making graphics? You got it!

    People keep asking, so I'm making a topic yall can reference from now on. I got this list from an artist site. If there are any other programs I missed, comment below and I shall add them. NOTE: Some of these might not be free anymore. If that's the case, let me know. GIMP...
  2. Angelina

    I suggest that you make a thumbnail

    Hello people so I want to give you tips on how to make thumbnails, thumbnail are pretty easy to make when you get the hang of it, I like to use to make them 1. choose your backround off of google images, bing, etc 2.choose png image or transparent images same thing and select all...
  3. C

    Services Cheap customizable thumbnail template

    I have made a simple Photoshop thumbnail template for users who don't want to go and spend to much or someone who wants to make their own thumbnails. *You will need Photoshop to use* If you don't have Photoshop you can download the free 30 day trial or the free old version which I cant think of...
  4. F


    Hey everybody, I am making free thumbnails (even long term), banners and logos for your youtube channel! Please leave a comment or add me on skype:
  5. LouisPlays

    Services FREE Minecraft YouTube Thumbnails!

    Hello everyone I'm making free minecraft thumbnail! All I ask for in return is a link to my youtube channel in the videos they're used for. leave contact information below such as skype and we're good to go. Here are some examples(These pictures are larger than a youtube thumbnail):
  6. GooberVlogs

    Your Best Thumbnail

    Wazzzup everyone =) Every channel is different when it comes to thumbnails I have seen some big youtubers with thumbnails that suck but since they have so many subscribers I guess the thumbnail don't really matter for them... Do you guys use text in thumbnails.. I do on some of my videos but...
  7. Richard Rumble

    Services The Full Works!

    Recent Media Production Graduate happy to offer the services of my team! All Peices of media will come with 2 free corrections. Make sure you tell us all required information we need to change in great detail so we can get it as close to what you want as possible. What we offer: Design - £3+...
  8. Gametrap

    Requesting thumbnail review

    I've been working with photoshop for a while now and I would like to know, if you like the thumbnails I've come up with. Please follow the structure I've come up with and give me tips on how to improve. Thanks in advance! 1.Do my thumbnails represent what my video is about? 2.Would you click on...
  9. Aljaž

    What Should I Improve on my Videos?

    Hi guys, my videos get views, but not as many as I would want. Tell me how to be better. Should I put better titles on them, are thumbnails ok? Thank for the advice!
  10. Birkir Orri

    Services FREE CHANNEL ART WORK!! (Banner, Thumbnails, Outros)

    Hi guys i'm willing to make some free channel art for your channel to make it look better! I'm learning graphic designing so my work is pretty professional. If u want any work u MUST contact me on skype- birkir.orrri or twitter- @birkiorri Examples:
  11. Birkir Orri


    Hey guys I´m new to Youtube and I want to help you guys with your channels... reply to this thread to get a free banner-profile pic-thumbnail. [Edited by Staff]
  12. GoldSnoopy

    Services Free GFX, Outros, Thumbnails

    Hello fellow youtubers, I am QuikSnoopy. I have been doing Youtube gaming videos for a while and I see the requests from people wanting intros, outros, thumbnails, profile pictures etc. I'm looking to help out other youtubers by making youtube channel art for them. I'm taking college classes for...
  13. Strafy


    I am creating banners, avatars and thumbnails 100% FREE for a limited time! Customized & Personalized to your channel! Here's some examples
  14. Caroll

    Honest Channel Review

    Hey guys. I'd like my channel to be reviewed; my channel banner, description, and video thumbnails. If you have any suggestions of how I can make them better do tell, they will be much appreciated. And yes I like things simple and clean not so crazy and busy...