Honest Channel Review


Hey guys.

I'd like my channel to be reviewed; my channel banner, description, and video thumbnails.
If you have any suggestions of how I can make them better do tell, they will be much appreciated.
And yes I like things simple and clean not so crazy and busy.


Thank you so much for doing so.

The picture attached is my favorite thumbnail that I did, thoughts and opinions please. :)
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Very colorful banner, I like the cursive fonts placed in your banner :)
Ok I like the thumbnails as well :) Your style is kinda unique :)
Well your video and audio quality are lagging!
New mic is highly recommended!
I think you need make lot of improvements in your videos, they are not so professional but I know slowly you will improve your quality :)
You can use audacity to remove background noise :)
All the best :)
Hey @Caroll !! Just checked out your channel and here are my thoughts:
  • Nice avatar and channel banner. Good job of making sure the black text showed up on a background of different colors.
  • You are so silly in your videos, it's great :D If you're gonna be silly, might as well go all out and you do! Way to embrace it and have fun. Keep it up!!
  • I agree that the thumbnail you posted is your best. People tend to like the funny photoshopped thumbnails. And the text is easy to read, which I'm sure you'll agree is a little difficult on some of your older videos :)
  • I suppose any suggestions would depend on what direction you want to take your channel? Will it just be random things? All vlogging in your room or other places too? Maybe there's some type of weekly or monthly series you could do so your fans can look forward to what's next.
  • Also if you come up with a theme or video series, it'll be easier for you to fill out the description since the better the description, the better chances you have of getting picked up in search results.
  • And depending on the type of channel you run, you probably want to create new videos more often than every 2 months :)
Overall, nice job! Hope you stick with it and have even more fun!
Thank you, both of you. The feedback is much appreciated.
@Jawad Soomro yes I am aware of Audacity I just now found out how to put video audio into audacity so I can remove the background noise, so hopefully they'll turn out better.
And to @Riddikore I'm working on a series, like singing silly songs and serious ones, also the baking will become a series as well. My videos will mostly be of me being my silly self, my older thumbnails aren't that great I agree, now I know how to edit and make things in the picture world much better so my thumbnails will be better like my baking thumbnail, I want to keep the same theme and simple, clean, and cute.
Again thank you both for the feedback it'll help me grow as an individual creator.