1. SpielClouded

    Which of theese designs should i use??

    I am starting a brand new youtube channel called "SpielClouded". It is a channel for gaming commentary and video reviews. It is going to be something similar to Leafy and Pyrocynical. I was just wondering which of the designs i should go for? Also if there is something i could change to improve...
  2. Brandon and Chantelle

    I'll review your Channel! :)

    I've had experience with all kinds of channels especially gaming/vlogs! I'll give feedback on anything you want, graphics, channel, a video, anything! Just let me know :D
  3. James Thompson

    Struggling with viewing numbers

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum but would really love to get some advice/opinion. I have my YouTube channel which covers TV and Movie reviews but I'm struggling with the amount of views at current. I have 15 subscribers after posting 13 videos but my recent ones are only getting just over 10...
  4. Blerim

    What Do You Think of My Tech Reviews

    Hi Guys , I just wanted to get your feedback on my channel , I love doing Tech reviews, and I just upgraded my equipment to 4K and cannot wait to make more videos. Channel: HTPoint Thanks everyone :)
  5. Ninja

    Giving Out Free Channel Reviews! (closed)

    So everyone and their grandmother is giving out reviews like candy, so I thought I might as well hop on the bandwagon. Basically I'm going to list off some Pros and Cons of your channel and how you can improve on said cons. I won't sugar coat much, so please don't ask for a review you can't take...
  6. Gametrap

    Undertale Review

    One of the best RPGs to date. A great adventure with choice, that actually impacts the progression of the game. Check out full review ►►
  7. The Black Mastadonte

    I'll Review your Channel if briefly review mine

    Hey guys. So I've been on Youtube for a few months now and I think I've gotten a grasp on the basics of this site. With that being said, I am ready to do some reviews. Just check out my channel first and give a brief review on it (you don't have to go too in depth) and I will review your channel...
  8. SuperFlyGameGuy

    SuperFlyGameGuys here....Please view :)

    Helloo people of this forum I'm new to YouTube. Very New. I do game and movie reviews and would really like some people opinions of my videos. I haven't posted anything yet but I have 5 reviews done already so please just tell me and I'll post it on private so you can view it and give me tips...
  9. WA_Gates

    Just come back to YouTube after a long hiatus... thoughts on the Channel?

    Hi guys, I started my Channel last year and have been away for a fair few months. For my 2016 resolution I've decided to really knuckle down and get some good hard work done on it. So I'd love some feedback on what you think looks good, what doesn't work and maybe the content of the videos too...
  10. G

    looking for some feedback on my tech channel

    I have a youtube channel based on tech and im not getting the feedback on the channel that I thought I should of had by know.I currently have 473 subscriber and about 236,000 views I try and upload once a week.Companies send out products for me to review and I give my honest thoughts on it.All I...
  11. KooL KiD Gamers!

    My Lastest Video "Need For Speed 2015" Review!

    HEY HOWS IT GOING GAMERS! check out my lastest review! let me know what you think of the game/Video! and if you like what you see remember to Subscribe!! thks in advance!
  12. Moses Minchuk

    Content or Quality?

    If you see my latest video would it be considered more of content or quality? I can't tell. Please tell me what I can do to improve as well. Thanks for you time.
  13. Moses Minchuk

    How can I get more views?

    I noticed that my earlier videos received more views then the one's I have earlier. Does anyone know why this happens I how I can increase the number of views?
  14. Reckless Ed

    Reckless Ed - Funny Top 5 videos. Looking for reviews. (9 Mths, 2500 subs)

    Hey guys, I create Top 10 and Top 5 videos. I've been doing it for about 9 months and have almost 2500 subs. Looking to try and double that in the next 6 months, so I was wanting people to look at my channel and give me feedback on anything from Banner Art to Channel Layout to Video Content...
  15. M

    Mr Tutorial Guy: Guys need your feedback!

    Hey everybody, i appreciate you people taking your time and giving a look at my channel. I am new to this community but am liking these forums so far. I am a YouTuber and making videos for over 2 years almost 3 years now. I love technology and you guessed it i make Technology related videos i do...
  16. KyleDB

    Trying to reboot my channel. NEED ADVICE

    Hello there, Recently I've posted my first video in my attempts to re shape my channel. I'm having a hard time trying to re-establish my footing on youtube, basically because I haven't had much of a grab on the platform. So I ask you YTtalk, [What is your advice for a channel trying to reshift...
  17. GrgakGames

    Harvester - GrgakGames! Sppppoookkk it up

    Hey guys! Finally finished my video. UGH. Tell me what you think! (:
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