1. W

    Long VS Short Videos?

    So currently in a Vlogger and I am also in college. This means that most of my time needs to be spent on education. To combat this problem I thought it'd be a good idea to just record footage all throughout the week and put up a 20-30 minute video on Mondays. Currently I do 3 videos a week which...
  2. Samantha McLean

    Three cool unknown apps you will love!!!

    Check out these three cool apps you might never have heard about but will absolutely love!!!
  3. KooL KiD Gamers!

    Looking to restart my channel

    a while back i started my youtube channel. was going pretty steady with videos and looking to restart it all again.. reason i stopped was because my father passed away at the time and was bumped out and just completely threw me off balance with everything. looking to come back stronger then...
  4. D

    Gold Mercedes G63-Maseratis Drifting and more.

    Hey everyone, I'm a fairly new youtube channel and I do car reviews, vlogs and many more things. My channel is mostly about cars and if you'd like to see things like a MASERATI DRIFTING or even a GOLD G63 check it out and know what you think! If you like the channel subscribe because I have...
  5. R

    HONEST opinion about this food and travel channel

    So I've been doing the youtube thing for about 10 months now and i'd say my results are pretty mediocre. Just a little background my channel is strictly about my food and travel journeys (mainly in London). At the time of posting this I have 90 subs. I've seen some other channels with less...
  6. Mattssassin

    Channel Reviews Welcome! Looking to Improve!

    Hey everyone, so I've had my channel for about two years now and have only 33 subs. not that I'm ungrateful for the support because all is really welcome, but I wanted to know some advice for growing the audience of my channel and wanted to also give it some exposure. So please, leave any...
  7. M

    Feedback on my First Video.

    Hey guys, I've decided to start up a Youtube channel. It's going to include reviews of video games and mostly animated movies, along with theories and any other interesting stuff I come up with. I'm pretty much just doing it for fun. I don't care too much about popularity and probably won't be...
  8. OnlyUseMeRifle98

    Gaming Looking To Make A Collab Gaming Channel!

    Hey Guys I'm Looking to Make a Collaboration Gaming Channel! I need at least 1-2 people to be on it and make videos together as a collaborative channel! For example A collab channel (short for a collaboration channel) is a youtube channel where 2+ different people share one channel and take...
  9. Paul Woodley

    Other Looking to colloborate with someone on movies/tv channel

    Hey this is Trepacer aka Paul: I have a channel that reviews movies, trailer reactions, tv talk & movie talk. I would love to colloborate with someone on a movie review - trailer reaction, tv or movie talk. Feel free to respond and hopefully can work something out. My channel name is Trepacer if...
  10. zenhuxtable

    'sup, dudes. i'm a slowly growing anime/cartoon review channel, and i need your help.

    so, there's not much to it. I'm a content creator with what i believe is decent content. My channel's name is Zen huxtable. so, there's two things i'd like to ask. One, an honest opinion of my channel, and two, tips on how to grow my channel quicker. thank you in advance!
  11. AkradonGaming

    Pop In A Box Unboxings!!

    Hello guys! I'm not sure where to post I thought I'd post them in other to be safe. I have a few Unboxing videos from Funko. Would love some feedback on what to do to make better videos. Thanks all
  12. JC6 Sports

    Channel and Video Reviews

    Hello, I'm new to YouTube and YTtalk and I am wanting some tips and constructive criticism on my channel and videos.
  13. Ashley_MarieXO

    Other Looking for parents to collab with!

    Hello everyone! Looking for some moms and/or dads to collab with. A couple of video ideas that I had in mind were what are your favorite baby/toddler products, worst baby/toddler products or just a parenting advice video. If you have any suggestions, that's fine too! My channel is a vlogging...
  14. FatalMisfire

    My Channel - please check out & Feedback

    Hey Guys, I'm starting again from scratch as my old channel was kinda pointless, but i'd appreciate it if any of you guys checked out my channel and gave me any feedback you fancied (provided it isn't just pointless hate, but you guys all seems better than that anyway :D). Link Below...
  15. DarkBolt

    Videogame Channel Ideas

    I am starting a new channel that will feature: videogame reviews, movie reviews, life stories, vlogs, skits, etc. I need some ideas to talk about during the videos. I usually record gameplay of an Android or PC game and talk about anything from life stories to videogame reviews. I need some...
  16. ProfessionalRik

    Gaming Pro Rik Collab Thread

    *DIRECTOR'S NOTE* I could easily do this myself, I'm more than capable. But I REALLY wanted to work with the community. I REALLY wanted to collaborate, build some friendships, do some networking, add some people to my 'List of Agents', try to build the Pro Rik Empire some more. Welcome! This...
  17. S.A.D

    Central Intelligence Movie Review

    Here is the link guys, hope you like. That said I have no idea if this is the catagory to be posting these videos. If it is not, kindly let me know. I would also like feedback on my video and in turn I can give feedback to yours. Thank you.
  18. ablamök

    Perfect youtube channel name

    How did you guys come up with your channel name? I just can't come up with any decent name, every name I think of sounds cheesy and isn't easy to remember. The best I've come up with was happyfapTV but people might get the wrong idea from that kind of name. How about happyeelTV or happyelkTV...
  19. S.A.D

    51 SUBS!!!!

    And no, I don't mean from Subway. Started this little channel for fellow movie goers and gamers towards the start of March and have gotten 51 subs now. and over 77 videos. It's slow and can be frustration, but each thim that sub counter goes up, it reason to keep going.
  20. ReasonsToLike

    Reasons To Like - Youtubers Life

    Hello, I'm Chris, I do a series where I take things often not very well-liked, and find some reasons to like them. I've done stuff like, The Last Airbender, Sonic Adventure 2, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Stuff like that, the stuff folks like to complain about. It's fun to try to find a...
  21. P

    Check out my channel and support me?

    Hey everyone, I do movie reviews and I need some support behind my channel. Does anybody mind checking me out and considering to subscribe? as well as this, leaving some likes and comments on my videos regarding feedback would be greatly appreciated! thanks everyone. Here's one of my reviews -
  22. S.A.D

    Uncharted 4 Is Worthy

    Possibly Nathan's final outing. Uncharted 4 is a pleasure to behold people.
  23. TK's Opinion

    Top 10 Women in The X-Men Cinematic Universe

    Here is my latest Top 10 video. It's my best one yet, but still needs some work.
  24. Sixshades


    Hey everybody SixShades here! I was just wondering if any of you guys could have a look at our channel and give us some feedback on possible future videos and positives and negatives about how we're doing so far, always looking to improve and you can only get better! Hopefully our videos have...
  25. That BioMechanical Dude

    Obscure Room - Previous Reviews

    I do a show called Obscure Room, where I review obscure retro games. I just released the latest episode, but before I advertise it here, I thought you might want to take a look at some of the older episodes. Hope you enjoy! The episodes are listed in chronological order: Astyanax: Kick...
  26. thejaxsattack

    would love a review or feedback on my channel and my videos

    so my channel revolves around comics and pop culture movies video games ect. and I just want some feed back on how my videos come across to an un expecting eye I have felt like I have found my voice in recent videos and am wondering if you guys would have some feed back on my get up. thank you...
  27. Tayo

    Has anyone heard of Fierce Network??

    First off, I think YouTube seriously needs to have a tab for messages because I never know when I get one! It's hidden under community settings and it's a pain in the a**e to get to it. But for the real question: Has anyone heard of Fierce Network? I saw in my messages that they invited me to...
  28. ChicTomboy


    Post Any Makeup Reviews You Want To Share With The Public. It Only Works if You Check Out Other Youtubers' Videos! Let's Support One Another.
  29. HereIsYourHero

    Camera position for reviews

    Hello everyone I've started doing video reviews and shot my first video. I had one question: how do you guys position your camera? I have mine filming from the top to the table. (Like POV-style) but the annoying thing is, I can't fully reach my product because my tripod is in the way. Any...
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