Struggling with viewing numbers

James Thompson

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Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum but would really love to get some advice/opinion.

I have my YouTube channel which covers TV and Movie reviews but I'm struggling with the amount of views at current. I have 15 subscribers after posting 13 videos but my recent ones are only getting just over 10 views each, despite covering what I would consider as popular shows/topics of discussion.

Am I being overly critical of my channel's success too early?
I think this is normal for newer channels like yours. You should not worry about it because the views will increase gradually. Its just the matter of ranking that decides to make your video at the top of the search engine (when people search).
It was really hard to getting the no of subscribe and view. When I start my channel I faced the same situation. So, try to hard work and keep patient. Use correct keyword and use forum and social media.
Thank You.
This is pretty normal for new channels most will never be a success from the first video. But keep at it, put effort into your videos and update on a reasonably regular basis, after a while you will see some kind of difference. Took me a while to get where I am and I ain't even doing that great.
You have good thumbnails and the titles are on point. It's only a month, grind more videos and keep on.
Yea. I find its best not to worry too much about view count. Its all about consistency IMO. Keep pushing forward people will notice.
You never stop worrying about views stagnating.

Today I've "only" had 1,987 views, despite me averaging 2,574. It's just about keeping an eye on things, and understanding that there'll be up days and down days.