1. The Clark Knight

    Pokémon Go Halloween Event: What You Need to Know!

    If you guys could stop by my video or channel that'd be swell. I'll be sure to check out your guys channels as well (:
  2. umbysworld

    Pokemon Leaf Green VS The Ring: Terror's Realm OST - THE MUSICAL!

    Basically, I play Pokemon Leaf Green, but I take out the music and replace it with an infamous soundtrack loop from The Ring: Terror's Realm for Sega Dreamcast. Then I sing all of the text in a "Trapped in the Closet" style musical that will make you chuckle and also get stuck in your head...
  3. umbysworld

    4 second video - pokemon + bob's burgers

    This is a super short video mash up of Dugtrio's Alolan form and a sound bite from Bob's Burgers.
  4. EmperorSigma

    Gaming Calling All PokeTubers!

    Yo, my name is EmperorSigma or just Sigma for short! I'm an upcoming PokeTuber hoping to make quality content for the views. However, I feel that while it is possible to make it in the YouTube industry alone, wouldn't it be a bit easier if we all gathered together? Currently, I'm looking for...
  5. Doctor Dano

    POKEMON Mewtwo BOX-art!

    I made this retro box art cover, what do you think?
  6. The Black Mastadonte


    Hey guys. So I'm continuing my Pokemon hack series. If you do not aware of the series. I'm playing Pokemon Ash Gray. It is a Pokemon hack that follows the story of Ash in the anime. The video is super funny so you should all watch and enjoy it! If you enjoyed it, don't forget to subscribe and...
  7. The Black Mastadonte

    Review on my Let's Play

    Hey guys. So I posted a video about this series before, but I took in more of your advice and am changing it accordingly. I've really upgraded from the first episode which is linked to this video. Today, I just wanted a review on how the series is going so far since I announced it. I enjoy the...
  8. The Black Mastadonte

    The Misadventures of Ash Ketchum | Pokemon Hack

    Hey guys. So some of you may have seen it already, but I recently started a series on my Youtube where I retell the infamous story of Pokemon by redubbing characters in a rom hack of Pokemon FireRed. It's a Let's Play, but with my own twist. Tell me what you think. I hope you guys enjoy it. I...
  9. The Black Mastadonte

    Quick review for my video

    Hey guys. So I know I asked for this for a similar video, but this time, I took your advice in account when I edited this. Tell me what you guys think about the editing and what you guys think about this type of let's play. Is it funny? Entertaining? Does the series seem interesting enough to...
  10. The Black Mastadonte


    Hey guys. So it came to my attention that some talented programmers managed to make a hack of Pokemon FireRed that follows the story of Ash Ketchum in the anime. So, I decided to do an LP on it, but instead of just giving my commentary on the game as I play it, I am dubbing the characters. Give...
  11. CoolWizard22

    Gaming Gaming Collab

    Hi, I'm just starting my channel and looking for a collab partner. They would have to have similar game interest as me, Pokemon, Rocket League, Dungeon Defenders, games like these. With regards to Pokemon, I would like someone to do co-op/vs nuzlockes and nuzlocke variants. Message me on this...
  12. The Black Mastadonte

    My Creative version of a "Let's Play"

    Hey guys. So I recently decided to start a "let's play" for a Pokemon hack, but I am adding my own spin on it. I released it about two days ago and it seems to be doing alright. However, I just wanted some more feedback on it. I know the audio is kinda bad, but how is the video overall? Do you...
  13. YourKingSkeletor

    Who Else Plans To Record Pokemon Sun And Moon?

    As I'm sure many of you know the new Pokémon games are on the way. The hype is real and it seems thanks to Pokémon Go's release a little while back the community has grown exponentially. This generation may be the biggest yet so I wanna know who all plans to get the game and record it? Thanks...
  14. KantoGaming

    Top 5 Ghost Pokemon!

    Hey Pokemon Trainers! I just posted a new Top 5 video about Ghost Pokemon to get in the spirit of Halloween! I have only done one other Top 5 video, and I think I did a lot better on this one! I would appreciate some feedback on the video, good and bad! Thanks so much!:)
  15. Jadine

    Other Digital Art collab?

    I'm interested in doing one collaboration with a digital artist. I was thinking pokemon on related because it's so big right now. Couple things about me, i have only 47 subscribers so I'm not wildly popular, I don't care what your status is. I don't have my digital paintings on my channel...
  16. IrishEmerald

    Feedback Badly Wanted!! :)

    Hey guys, I just started youtubing in the last 8 months. My youtube channel is all about Pokémon; from let's plays to competitive pokemon battles. I have been finding it hard to grow my channel and I was wondering is there anything content wise or promotion wise that I could do better? Here's...
  17. BernieTheTree

    How To Hatch Pokemon Go Eggs In The Bath?

    How To Hatch Pokemon Go Eggs In The Bath? Yeah, okay.... they're bath bombs. Pokemon Go Bath Bombs with little Pokemon Go toys inside. Think of like the Pokemon Go Kinder Egg things but for Baths. Pokemon Egg Bathbombs, Pokemon Go BathBombs, Pokemong Go Bath bombs, pokemon bah bombs, etsy...
  18. KantoGaming

    Gaming Pokemon Players

    Hey Pokemon players! I really wanna do a collab where we compete to see who can catch the most Pokemon within 5 minutes. I use an emulator for my Pokemon games so I can play them on PC. I was thinking one of the older Pokemon games like blue, red, or we could do silver and gold too. I was...
  19. Hollysaurus

    What kind of channel do you have and what inspired you to start?

    Hey everyone! I am really just wanting to make friends and have positivity in my life. I'm sure you all would like some too! So tell me what your channel is all about and why you joined! Let's make his a huge community of positivity and friendship!!
  20. KantoGaming

    Pokemon Sweet

    Hey fellow 'tubers! I have a favor to ask! I have a new lets play series on my channel of the game Pokemok Sweet. If you've never heard of it it's super cute and fun. I would just like some feedback on how I'm doing with it so far. There are two episodes but I will post the first one on...
  21. tlegacytv


    I have had a little experience playing the game that has literally been sweeping the nation lately. I thought it was fun but it does have a few problems that I'd like to make a few comments on. If you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe. I make animations every 1 to 2 weeks.
  22. KantoGaming


    I just uploaded the first part of Pokemon Sweet Version to my channel! Its absolutely adorable! Its a version of fire red with a dessert twist on the world and pokemon! In this episode we experience the wraith of popsichu! Thanks for watching :D
  23. Tuskan

    RDT Podcast: My First Ever Podcast about No Man's Sky & Pokemon Uranium

    This was a long upload atleast people don't have to watch it but listen to it in a different window your welcome guys and gals here's the long awaited podcast.
  24. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Pokemon Go in Melbourne

  25. terror569

    Playing PokemonGO On iPhone 4?!?!

    well as the title say? :D
  26. CaptainRomulus

    POKEMON GO - Expectation vs Reality

    Hi friends! Hope you enjoy a cheeky giggle Just put together a little skit for any Pokemon GO lovers out there. :) Cheers!
  27. BeautifulRed

    20 subs and 600 views!

    Obviously I'm no Pewdiepie, but I'm really having fun putting out new videos twice a week and sticking to this schedule. It makes me happy seeing people comment on my videos, even if they're just to say something like "cool". I tried to get my channel started in January, but it failed because...
  28. J

    Pokemon: The First Movie Review

    For more reviews of animated films, head to www.youtube.com/Jambareeqi
  29. Python Blue

    Perish Song Panic - The Music

    So I FINALLY got around to uploading the music for @Lightsen 's Pokemon animation about a certain attack move. Enjoy the eerieness of the Perish Song!
  30. PrimosPrime

    Dose anyone have any tips on how to get 50 subs quick

    My goal for the end of this December is to gain 50 subs. But its kinda hard since nobody really knows who i am and i don't really know how to promote my self leaving me stuck at 17 subs. that's why i need help if you have any tactics please reply to this post thank you :bounce: