1. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon Review: Escavalier - FIGHTING ESCARGOT!

    Welcome back to another review on Escavalier! This Pokemon is one of the most hard hitting non-legendary Pokemon there is and with solid stats, good typing and good abilities, you will find plenty of opportunity to shine in battle with Escavalier on your side! Artwork by EvilApple513! Music by...
  2. MegaCrasher

    When Team Building For Mega-Gyarados Goes Horribly Wrong! (Speed Boost Version)

    NOTE: This is meant to be funny lol I am fully aware that Mega-Gyarados got moved from UU! Also is sped up for a bit more humor from a chipmunk-like voice :P Welp! there goes my night! Son of a b*tch! Music and image by WWE! Steve Austin will stomp a mudhole in your a** and walk it dry like...
  3. MegaCrasher

    Smogon Usage-Based Tier Update: February 2016 - MEGA MELTDOWN (TORE MY SHIRT AGAIN!!)

    Un-*******-believable! I honestly don't even know how to process this even after this video..just watch and see for yourself as the madness ensues where I have a meltdown for the ages over the tier changes and these are big! Thread is here...
  4. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon Showdown: One Paralyzingly Insane Doubles OU Battle With Mono Fairy!

    Wow! This was such an awesome battle, it could have been anyone's game! We run into some unlucky hax which can easily make or break the game. Music by GlitchXCity! Artwork by EnderPhlosion! Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoreySpikeChase Google...
  5. THATSAplusONE

    Stuck in a rut. Where should I go from here?

    I have like 450 subs atm and am getting decent views but I still feel my channel is missing something. Would really appreciate a review and if you happen to see something you think I can improve on id gladly take the criticism. https://www.youtube.com/user/THATSAplusONE Ill review your channel...
  6. MegaCrasher

    Epic Garchomp Sweep - GARchomping At The Bit To Devour Teams!

    Credit to Guillermo Saavedra for the battle! Thanks friend :D Well, do I even need to explain what happens? LOL all I can say is Sub + SD Chomp will eat you! Music by Nintendo! Image from the Pokemon Anime! Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoreySpikeChase Google...
  7. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon Tribute: Empoleon

    Welcome to a first time for this channel, Pokemon tributes! In this video, we pay homage to Empoleon which is one of the most solid and underrated Water type Pokemon to have ever stepped foot in competitive battling! All images belong to their respective owners! Music by GlitchXCity! Twitter...