1. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon Showdown: Turning Up the Heat In Balanced Hackmons With A Full Fire Starter Team!

    SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON WITH YOUR KNEES! =] Welcome back to another Pokemon Showdown Live! We are back in Balanced Hackmons and this time, we are packing heat with a full Fire Starter team! Can this team do better than the Grass Starters? Music by WWE! Intro/Outro by Cynthia Customs! My 2nd...
  2. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon Showdown: GhoulRuler With His Fairy Team Ruling In Doubles OU With Another Amazing Battle

    SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON WITH YOUR KNEES! =] Welcome to an awesome battle in Doubles OU where it features our beloved Mono-Fairy team mastered by our trainer GhoulRuler! This is a battle that has crazy plays and is something you can't miss! =] Music by WWE! Artwork by Enderphlosion! Intro/Outro...
  3. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon Showdown: An Insane Doubles OU Battle Between Two Skilled Friends!

    LET'S AIM FOR 3 KNEES! Welcome to an awesome battle in Doubles OU on Pokemon Showdown! We have the legend Grand Empress going against a skilled opponent! Let's see how this goes! =] Music by Pokemon! Intro/Outro by Cynthia Customs! My 2nd channel...
  4. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon Showdown: Hot Water Madness In Balanced Hackmons With A Full Water Starter Team!

    SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON WITH YOUR KNEE! =] Welcome back to another Pokemon Showdown live session! We continue our trio of sessions with the starters, this time with a full water starters team! How will this fare in comparison to the other 2 types for the starter Pokemon? Artwork by...
  5. j12stones

    The BEST Super Smash Bros Characters

  6. Jackpat02rules

    Request [Free] Channel Art, Intro, Outro

    First of all I am aware that this is a lot and it is for free but I want to bring the next level of content to my channel. I will link all of these in the description. What I want in each: CHANNEL ART: I want the following included: My Minecraft skin (Skindex/Planetminecraft), Pokemon and...
  7. j12stones

    TOP 10 Smash Bros FINAL SMASHES!!!

  8. Chris Santoyo

    Gaming Nintendo-related Collaboration

    Hello everyone like many of us I am a small time Youtuber doing live commentary on video games. I was hoping that if anyone is interested in doing a collaboration they are more then welcome to message me. I don't have much to offer in terms of subscribers butt I do edit my own videos and know...
  9. TreeckotheRebel

    Gaming Pokemon collab

    Hello there I am wondering if there are any Poketuber's around here that has about 136 would like to do a collab with a Pokemon Soul-Link Nuzlocke type of thing of any pokemon game, and you can reach me on my skype account and we can start this on maybe Sunday since I will be out of school my...
  10. TravelingEevee

    Gaming Pokemon or Other Nintendo Collabs

    I am interested in a Pokemon collab (or other Nintendo game that I'm interested in). It would be cool if you could join me for my Pokemon showdown series or do a top ten together where we could compare each others opinions, or even maybe a series together on PokeMMO, or whatever.
  11. bboytlil


    Hey everyone, so this was about 3 months ago! This is my first short film that I wanted to show you guys. I hope it made your guys day and made you guys laugh. I would appreciate it if you guys can leave feedback letting me know what I can do to improve myself with short films in the future.
  12. KingSpicy!


    Hello there people! I'm looking for a particular type of YouTuber that likes Pokemon or anything related to it; Nintendo-related. I would like to collaborate with someone that would like to make a TOP TEN/FIVE POKEMON LIST with me. They must meet the following requirements, .Have 100+...
  13. j12stones

    TOP 10 Pokemon Starters Designs

    My first video posted here, hope you enjoy it
  14. Akradon360

    Pokken Tournament - Green League Tournament!

    Time to get that C Rank in Pokken Tournament..also get an unofficial battle!
  15. Lightsen

    New Pokémon Animation! Took me nearly a year LOL

    So its about time am I right? this project has had setbacks all year around, I started a new job, had health issues etc. but I managed to stick through it, and Im so happy with the result, and a whopping 8 MINUTES! I know that sounds so tiny to most people, but for anyone that animates or...
  16. Grizzly Guernsey Gamer


    Hello Ladies & Gents! I just got my hands on the new Japanese exclusive 2DS through the post and decided to do an unboxing. I take a look at all the goodies inside which the European & US consumers didn't get and give my account of the total package! Enjoy! (Please lemme know what you...
  17. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon Showdown: PRIMEAPE IN UBERS?! WTF?!

    Welcome to an Ubers match where myself and a friend of mine, Josh do battle and it was pretty epic! Lots of craziness to see including a special appearance from a lower tier Pokemon that plays a very special role in this video! Music by WWE! AJ Styles is phenomenal! Artwork by All0412...
  18. THATSAplusONE

    Where do I go from here? Help greatly appreciated

    I run a gaming channel based mostly around competitive Pokemon battles. So far im getting decent views on most of my content but am confused as to how to take the next step forward. If anyone has any tips for how I could improve my channel id really appreciate it. Im willing to change things...
  19. MegaCrasher

    Reaction To Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Arrive in Late 2016! 7TH GEN HYPE!

    It's here guys...IT'S HERE!! Pokemon Sun and Moon are official!!! Oh my God!!! This is some of the best news I ever woke up to!!! :D GET HYPED, GET CRAZY, GET TO COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS BECAUSE WE ARE GETTING A NEW GENERATION!! Beautiful...absolutely beautiful! :'] I don't own the video..but I...
  20. Ikerot

    Pokemon Black Randomized Nuzlocke Challenge!

    I've started the randomized nuzlocke challenge for Pokemon (because Pokemon vanilla nowadays doesn't interest me as much). A buddy of mine told me to play Black so I'm playing it, which I'm starting to think it might be a bad idea since I have no idea what any of these Pokemon are after the...
  21. Aegislasher

    Rumble in the School|Pokémon Emerald Moemon [Randomized Nuzlocke] #07

    A very different Pokemon playthrough. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  22. MegaCrasher

    500 Subscriber Special (Part 2): 60+ Minutes Of Battle Factory On Pokemon Showdown!

    Welcome to part 2 of our 500 Subscriber special! We are going at the Battle Factory tier on Pokemon Showdown for over 60 minutes! Hope you enjoy the madness as this is going to be worth the watch! Music by WWE! Becky Lynch needs to be champion! Sasha Banks is a boss! AJ Styles is phenomenal...
  23. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon Showdown: Clefable Sweeping Like A Crazy Janitor!

    Welcome back friends and fam to an awesome battle! We Have our famous mono fairy type team battling it out in the OU tier! This battle is pretty crazy and intense and it definitely is something that is a must watch if you enjoy Pokemon that love setting up even in the face of type disadvantages...
  24. MegaCrasher

    More Information About Magiana/Magearna! Speculation About Pokemon XY&Z Movie!

    So now we have a bit more information about the newly discovered Pokemon, Magiana as Magearna! Also, we find out a bit more information about the upcoming Pokemon movie! :D Article: http://www.pokemon.com/uk/pokemon-news/a-new-mythical-pokemon-has-been-discovered/ Music by GlitchXCity...
  25. MegaCrasher

    2nd Half Of 6th Gen Pokedex Revealed? Start Of 7th Gen Pokedex? Discussion! CRAZY MYSTERY!

    Wow! So this is something that cropped up earlier and when I caught wind of it, I went nuts! What is this exactly? Is it real? Is it the 2nd half of 6th gen pokedex or no? Music by GlitchXCity! Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoreySpikeChase Google...
  26. KingSpicy!


    Hey there people of the internet! Is there anybody that can make me a cartoon intro and outro for FREE? It would be a blessing if anyone could come out and accept my request! Please message me if you are willing to make me a cartoon INTRO and OUTRO for FREE!
  27. Court

    Other [New Youtuber] Pokemon collab?!

    Since its getting close to the 20th year of Pokemon, i thought it would be fun to do a Pokemon video! Maybe we could go over our favorite Pokemon town's myths or whatever! (Will go into it more if anyone is interested. ) I think i need to add this info in. Age: 22 I would talk over skype, ill...
  28. MegaCrasher


    NOTE: Minutes after this video, there is a huge update here: Oh my god!!! This is hype! I can't describe this video in text, you all just gotta see this! :D I completely lost my s**t here! Site: www.Serebii.net Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoreySpikeChase Google...
  29. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon Showdown: Someone's Goose Got Cooked!

    Welcome to an epic battle where my friend Ray has an awesome OU match with an awesome team! We have some mons that are used in this battle that are not OU but do not underestimate them no matter what tier they are in! Music and image by WWE! Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoreySpikeChase Google...
  30. zaffron

    Speed Drawing #9 Pokemon

    This video introduce speed drawing of Pokemons cartoon. It includes sketch and drawings of related characters such as Picatchu, Ash, roserade, croconaw, glaceon, aaron, ivysaur, raichu, prinplup, dawn and piplup. enjoy watching !