1. CoolWizard22

    Gaming Looking for a collab partner

    Hi it's CoolWizard22 here. I've been away from my YT channel and looking at uploading again. I'm mostly going to be doing PC games or emulators, with possibly some DS. Going over what footage I have, I find that I have several bits of silence in my videos. So I figure that if I have someone to...
  2. VRONA


    This is my second Pokémon TCG video that I did because of the huge success of the first one, which got 30 views in one day, the most views in one day any of my videos got! So here's the second part, where I open a whole bunch of Guardians Rising and Burning Shadows booster packs I got at a big...
  3. Naybor

    YouTube Content: Niche or Variety?

    Hi guys! Its been a minute since I've posted. I wanted to post a question and get your advice. Is it better to only focus on one niche thing for your channel, or to have variety. I do Pokemon Card openings and a variety of games and sketches. I thought I would get your opinion on the matter...
  4. Courtney Candice

    Pokémon go put me in an awkward situation

  5. R

    Need to know a Youtube series name

    On Youtube there was a series of pokemon red/blue/yellow? where red had a pikachu. Pikachu has a nephew/cousin pichu which joins them for the journey. In one episode, they got to lavender town and go all ghost busters on lavender tower. They use vacuum cleaners to suck all the ghosts. Anyone...
  6. Quick Question

    Which Pokemon is the Best?

  7. mikep4441

    Gaming Pixel League Season 2! (PC) OPEN TO ANYONE!

    Pixel league season 2 is looking for new players! Anyone who enjoys Pokemon or Mine craft will enjoy this. Pixel League is an open mine craft server with lots of Pokemon running around to catch, train and battle with, me and the other server mod have also created Pokemon gyms to battle and...
  8. Kiltmon

    Services Free Pokemon Layouts

    Offering to make layouts for pokemon YouTubers to place over their videos (Helps me practice). An example of a basic one I made for myself can be seen here but they are completely customisable with layout, text, colour scheme, game etc. so feel free to let me know the details and I'll see what I...
  9. mikep4441

    Gaming Pixelmon Series 2... (PC)

    I will try to keep this as short as I can... any questions add my Skype and ask away! - mrmepeters Pixelmon is a mine craft mod, you can catch and train pokemon etc... Me and a few others have created a server and made a few gyms spread out across the map. The aim is to pick a starter Pokemon...
  10. Lightsen

    First Animated me, Updates, and MERCH! :D

    Totally different style video to my usual, and first time actually Drawing and animating myself lol. Hope you like it ^^
  11. ARedX

    Gaming Looking for PS4 Collab.

    hey everyone, I'd like to find someone who has some contact out already and would like to do a collab together. I don't have many subscribers (98) but I am a hard worker and will be getting more. I Post 5 days a week mostly being Destiny, Pokémon, Resident Evil, The bunker, and World War Toons...
  12. MegaCrasher


    Rate, comment and subscribe for more hype and entertainment! :D TIME TO CRUSH 25 LIKES!! :D Help us reach 5,000 amazing people in our community by Subscribing today! Be sure to TURN ON Notifications so you will be the 1st to know when I upload next! :D Welcome to our 30th episode of our series...
  13. MegaCrasher

    CRAZY REACTION!! Top 5 BEST Shiny Pokémon Fails Compilation! [Part 8] By ProfessorWess

    LET'S SMASH 34 LIKES!! :D Help us reach 5,000 amazing people in our community by Subscribing today! Be sure to TURN ON Notifications so you will be the 1st to know when I upload next! :D ****DISCLAIMER:**** This video contains myself in "MegaCrasher" character mode acting out as a raging...
  14. mikep4441


    THE AIM - Pixel League is a man made server with 16 badges to collect, you have 1 months to catch, train and battle Pokemon while at the same time finding the gyms and collecting the badges! after the month has ended anyone with 8+ badges will qualify for the final tournament which will take...
  15. MegaCrasher


    We did it...straight up, WE FREAKING DID IT!!! :D Wow, I am bewildered beyond belief and description!! Thank you all so very very much for this amazing achievement that WE accomplished and allow for the spoils to be shared baby!! :D Now despite my overwhelming amount of excitement in this video...
  16. Warlock Boo

    The Genetic Experiment (creepypasta)

  17. SinLeviathan

    Would you buy a Nintendo Switch??

    Are you gonna buy a Nintendo Switch?
  18. Courtney Candice

    Pokémon go put me in an awkward situation

  19. Miss Medi

    STALL BRAWL! | Pokemon Sun & Moon Wifi Battles | 6v6 Singles 2017 w/ Miss Medi [Toxapex Team]

    Round Two of our Toxapex Team Tryouts is up! Just how broken is Toxapex? We're taking on @ShinRyuJohan to find out! #wifibattles2017
  20. ProfessionalRik

    Pokemon Dueling and Overwatch_Dogs! Happy Roosters!

    Another day, another bit of daily gaming news I put out there hoping someone will subscribe and come back tomorrow! Have a nice day!
  21. Miss Medi

    POKEMON TCG MEWTWO EX BOX OPENING! (Amazing Pulls!) | Pokemon TCG Box Openings w/ Miss Medi

    Hiya! Like Pokemon TCG or even Pokemon in general? You might like my channel!
  22. Locky

    Gaming Gaming Review Collab's - Pokemon Games?

    Hi All, I'm wanting to do a few collab's BUT NOT perhaps in the sense of straight off gaming! i.e. live feed Skype etc etc and live footage. Instead, I want to focus on looking at particular games, and giving some of your honest opinions on them e.g. negatives/positives/what could be...
  23. Miss Medi


    NEW Pokémon is here! We're exploring a new route, having an 80's montage, battling the mighty Red and catching a new 'mon! :D What more could you want this Xmas! ^^ Take a look!
  24. The Nerd Encounter

    Gaming Huge Pixelmon Server(A Minecraft Pokemon Mod)

    Hey fellow Youtube Gamers! I'm from The Nerd Encounter! We have posted here before! We're mainly a fb page with almost 22,000 likes (21900+ now!), but were looking to get into Youtube more! We had the idea to make a Pixelmon server. Which for those of you who don't know, is a minecraft...
  25. Miss Medi

    POKEMON MOON ALOLA COLLECTION BOX OPENING! & Channel Update | Pokemon TCG Box Openings w/ Miss Medi

    Helloo! In this video we're opening a New Pokemon Moon Alola Collection Box and there'a also a bit of a channel update at the end with details of what's coming up over the next few months and our video schedule (finally lol!)
  26. T

    Should I continue doing these videos?

    A few days ago The new Pokémon games, sun and moon were released. So I decided to do a sort of "troll" video on it. It got the most views on a video my channel has ever had. It's sitting on close to 500. So I decided to make another one and it has been doing fairly well also, gaining over 120...
  27. Dribbling Excadrill

    Gaming Collab potential

    Hey guys, I am not allowed to post the video on here but if you look on my channel, I have announced a draft tournament for the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. So this gives you a chance to make some really exciting videos battling with new pokemon right away and get tons of views from people...
  28. The Clark Knight

    Which Pokemon Game Is Better? Sun or Moon?

    Would appreciate if you checked out my channel (:
  29. Dribbling Excadrill

    Commentary Looking to do a Collab

    Hey guys, I am looking to do a commentary Collab with 1 or more people outside of my subscriber range. Currently have 25 subscribers and want to get myself out to a bigger audience. Video topics can include but aren't limited to -Politics -Sports (Football/soccer, American Football...
  30. Rev343

    Request Need an outro please...

    Hey, thanks for taking some time to read this.... So here is what I need, an outro that is themed around the pokemon Pumpkaboo. I have been going crazy trying to find a good outro, I also tried making my own and failed.... so yeah, I need you! I have no idea what you would like for payment...