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THE AIM - Pixel League is a man made server with 16 badges to collect, you have 1 months to catch, train and battle Pokemon while at the same time finding the gyms and collecting the badges! after the month has ended anyone with 8+ badges will qualify for the final tournament which will take place on a specific day so we can all meet each other and watch the finals :)

You can go on the server as much or as little as you want and you can record for Youtube if you please... you don't have to, its literally open to anyone :)

THE HISTORY - Season 1 was last year (2016) so Season 2 is coming soon, Last Season 5 people made it to the finals and the winner made it into the hall of fame (which can be seen on the map) It's great fun to be a part of, you can collab with people on the server or you can be a lone wolf, you decide.

TO APPLY - Just comment below saying you want to join and I will add you to the Skype group with the other Youtubers, all information you need is available on there! It's that easy! Invite your friends too, remember anyone can play :)

My old Youtube with season 1 uploaded on it was deleted as I started a new channel so for the lead up to season 2, I will be uploading last seasons episodes every few days. A Season 2 trailer is also on Youtube for anyone that wants to see a few sneak peaks of gyms ect...

If you think you can be the Pokemon champion then why not give this series a go!? :)

Channel Name: SyNGaming

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