1. Testing Your Neurons

    Is my Pokemon GO Quiz Difficult Enough?

    I made a quiz on Pokémon GO and I would like to have your feedback to know if the quiz is too difficult.. or too easy!
  2. TheOnlyRail

    I've Got A Few "Ideas"

    So bulldozing around town today I came up with a few video ideas for my Pokemon channel (artwork pending). So I'll list them below. Video Ideas; Type Videos -ie what each type is super effective against, weak to, the strongest of that type and the weakest Team Types - Can't really think of...
  3. HyDraid


  4. Joeowens1

    Do you have a Pokemon Go Addiction?

  5. WeegieMovies


    Hey trainers! With Pokémon dominating every news outlet on the planet right now, it was inevitable that Hollywood would get in on it too. Now there's a live action Pokémon movie in development, check my video below for the info! :) Cheers, Lee
  6. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I just posted a new video and it is very different from what I usually post. Instead of posting gameplay I just posted a comedy skit on pokemon go and I would just like to know some tips to improve next time. THANKS!!! Link-
  7. Mirandapanda

    How to be a Pokemon Master

    Pokemon GO has taken over my soul. I mean.... life. Seriously, this game is way too addicting. I'm beginning to suspect some sort of conspiracy... So, in honor of the game, I made a video talking about 25 steps to becoming a pokemon master! Sort of. Maybe.
  8. Whatwillhappenif?

    Pokemon Go Special | Gatta Burn Them All!!!

  9. DarkBolt

    Pokemon GO

    I just posted a Pokemon GO video. I worked hard on it and would like you guys to watch it. Also, if you want, subscribe for more content.I will post more videos along with more gameplay like: CoD: BO III, CS:GO, Minecraft, GTA V, and more
  10. DarkBolt

    Pokemon Go Video

    I need more ideas for future videos. I upload daily. Anything you want me to play or you want to hear I will do. Please suggest something. I just posted a pokemon go video and that is kind of the type of videos I will be doing
  11. DarkBolt

    Gaming Videogame Channel Collab

    Hey guys! I have a PC and was wondering if anyone wanted to collab on games like GTA V, CoD BOIII, etc. If you want to know about my channel, check out my channel intro.
  12. jelson975

    Pokemon Go!

    Watch Jamie absolutely crush 2 gyms, showing you the perfect way to win! it's a lot easier than everyone makes it out to be, considering the servers are so laggy that half the time the dodging does not work.. feel free to post similar videos here and ill take a look!
  13. CrayCho

    I'd REALLY appreciate feedback on my last video - a Pokemon GO official best Pokemon list!

    This is legitimate and not just me picking out my favorite Pokemon. It's quite different than the rest of my channel but definitely something I want to share with a lot of people since I find it EXTREMELY important. Also general channel feedback welcome :D Thank you lads <3 the video in...
  14. Mr Danny

    Things To Do If You Don't Have Pokemon GO

    Pokemon Go: the game that is sweeping the nation... AND THE WORLD! And here's is the video that is gonna sweep... my floor. Cause that's the only thing it's good for you. But don't take my word for how bad/insanely great this video is. Go watch it! Clean floor for everyone! :)
  15. X

    Music pokemon theme tune remix

    this is the link youtube.com/watch?v=4CXmhQj_eks Guys check this out and give us feed back and you can use it if you want. Subscribe to us on 'TheRealEpicBoys'
  16. Shawn Monge

    Youtube Streamer playing Pokémon GO witnesses murder and gets fired from Uber job

    Hey I don't know if anyone has heard this, but this streamer AlexRamiGaming has been blowing up playing Pokémon while driving for Uber. He witnessed a murder while driving, and within a few hours was fired from his Uber job, because trollers contacted Uber and complained about him, they also...
  17. DEGA

    My Channel and Pokemon GO Real Life!

    Hey guys: I'm new to the Youtube scene and could use some feedback. Here is a link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAheO_QIWnNUqnV1049QsIQ And here is a link to my latest video, for Pokemon GO: I would really love some feedback and critique on either (or both) of them...
  18. totallyAud

    Meet Up/Gathering POKEMON GO ADVENTURE! (SoCal)

    Hey everyone! I live in SoCal and was wondering if we could get a group and find to pokemans! Pokemon Go just came out today and I really want to do a fun group and record it for youtube on an awesome pokemon adventure! Who is with me?! :D
  19. MistyEmma


    Want to catch the rarest Pokemon? Here's how to catch mew:
  20. GroovyGrovyle

    Gaming Pokemon Collab

    Hey everyone, im looking for a person or a group of people to collaborate with. i would like to do walkthroughs, soul links, and ect. of pokemon games but im also open to other ideas. skype- groovygrovyle
  21. ProbablyKactus

    Gaming PokeMMO Collab

    Hello, I was interested in doing a collaboration with someone in PokeMMO. We could play the generation 1 remakes or emerald I'm fine with either or. I'm looking for one or two people at most to do this with. I'm on the east coast of the US and I'm generally available from around 12pm until...
  22. Bomber Brigade

    SHE'S DEAD: Pokemon Order Destroyed Part 1

  23. The Nerd Encounter

    Gaming Fan Community with 19k FB likes, Looks to Youtube(Minecraft and other)

    Hello, we are "The Nerd Encounter", we have over 19,000 fb likes and counting and are looking to build a better Youtube channel as we don't post much on it. We are about to open up a top of the line Pixemon Server, that can hold more than 500 people, and want a bunch of people to play in it...
  24. MegaCrasher

    Smogon Suspect Test (UU): Alakazam

    Like goal: 10 likes! :] Welcome to a very quick announcement in regards to Smogon having another suspect test. This time, it's in UU and Alakazam is on the chopping block. What are your thoughts? Article: http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/np-oras-uu-stage-7-1-what-you-know.3573503/ Life is...
  25. MegaCrasher


    Like goal: 10 likes! :] Welcome back to another Doubles OU commentary where we have 2 skilled players taking each other on in a high ladder battle! GRAND EMPRESS is also in it so you know the battle will be a must see! :] Life is way too short to be held back by negativity and doubt! I have...
  26. daniel burgio

    Emperor Palpatine does the Team Rocket Intro

    I had this idea while taking a shower. I... don't know. It just is.
  27. MegaCrasher

    Top 6 Potential Mega Evolutions For Pokemon Sun & Moon - Part 2 | 1st Generation!

    NOTE: Had to reupload this due to the other one being dislike spammed before I could shut the ratings off. Sorry for the inconvenience! Welcome to a top list video where we go over another 6 potential mega evolutions for Pokemon Sun & Moon, starting with generation one! 1st part: Music by...
  28. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon Showdown: Monotype Mayhem With The Steel Types!

    Like goal: 10 likes! =] Welcome back to another episode on Pokemon Showdown! Today we venture into the Monotype tier with out freshly built Mono Steel team! Let's see how well it does =] Pastebin for team: http://pastebin.com/v1Lw8xm6 Music by GlitchXCity! Artwork by SaintNaruto...
  29. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon Showdown: HEATAH FAJITA - Volbeat OU Team With Full Breakdown | 400th VIDEO SPECIAL!

    Like Goal: 15 likes! =] Welcome one, welcome all my lovely friends and family! You are all in for an epic treat as we have a video that contains several elements in one! You will see some epic battling with a full team review and more! IMPORT: Volbeat @ Focus Sash Ability: Prankster EVs...
  30. T

    Gaming Shiny Pokemon Giveaway Collab Partner

    Hello My name is Titan and i post shiny Pokemon gts giveaway videos on my channel and was wondering if anyone was interested in helping me out the requirement is first have a legit shiny Pokemon and a good mic and skype then we can make a great video hope some one can help i already have my...