My Channel and Pokemon GO Real Life!

hahaha this is so good, pokemon go hasnt come out in the uk yet so i can't play it, but i really wanted to do a kind of video like this but as like an app review style, it's really nice to see so many funny well made videos being made about it already congratulations! :)
Thanks for the feedback, y'all.

It's interesting because I've had people tell me it's terrible, and I've got more dislikes than likes. But then friends tell me it's great, so.... mixed messages.

I'm also open to general YouTube advice, and please don't be afraid to be honest. I take feedback/critique very well - I just want it to "be the very best."[DOUBLEPOST=1468266719,1468191877][/DOUBLEPOST]Bump for feedback.
the video is really well put together, growing up with the very first pokemon games, i recognise the intro bit and the battle music, bulbasuar put up a fight, is there actually no battling in this game at all, even to catch pokemon?
Yea really well put together and entertaining. But the scene where you try to battle that guy, the sound quality was that great for a second. Idk what it was...