milestone announcement

  1. Bridgette Heidi

    My First Milestone! 10 SUBS!

    Hi guys, I just got my first 10 subscribers and 200 views, it took a little while but I'm so happy! Thank you to everyone who watched my videos and subscribed :)
  2. Readee

    Goals for 2016

    Hi everyone I just started my channel last week and am now hooked on making Youtube videos. So i'm now want to set myself some Goals for 2016. I was thinking around 1000 subs by the end of next year. do you think this is a realistic goal or am i setting the bar to high or low? would love to hear...
  3. Pierre Maynard


    It took a long time to get there but i made it :D I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW YEEEEEEAY :D :D I would so much like to thank everyone for supporting my channel, :D It means so much to me Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D i cannot believe i made it after 4 years of being on YouTube, But i didn't make...
  4. Stockhouse

    My gaming channel has 1000 subs in less than 4 months!!

    Hey guys, I have a new gaming channel on YouTube. It's my first ever channel and my first time making YouTube videos. I uploaded my first video 3/14/2016. Over the weekend, I hit 1000+ subscribers on 7/30/2016. I'm really happy with the growth I've seen on the channel and I am hoping things...
  5. TheSGGamingChannel

    100 Views Total!

    Hello guys and gals, previously I mentioned my 10 subs achievement, well now, I have another achievement to announce: me getting to 100 total views! Thanks for the support!
  6. AllTheLittleThings


    Okii so hey guys I just recently hit 100 subscribers and im so thankful for everyone who has subscribed to my little channel it means the absolute world so im gonna continue and keep going and who knows what number I will reach love you all xx
  7. Onister Gaming

    Hit 100 Subscribers!!!

    First upload April 1, 2016 - 100 Subscribers: July 23, 2016! So glad that people like the content i put out and that i got to met so many people along the way! thank you to everyone here that helped!!!
  8. Bentura Madrid

    100 Subscribers! Oh Yeah!!

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to announce my channels first milestone... 100 subscribers! Thank you all. My next video will be an extra special one! Now on to 500 :0) Channel: Digital Bird Music Nest Thanks, Bentura Madrid
  9. Isanthe Autumn

    10 Subscribers!

    Hey, guys! Today, a situation arised and I told my best friend about my Youtube channel, and she subsequently became my tenth subscriber! It took about 4 months, but I am really excited, and it feels like a really motivating milestone. I am even more excited to keep trying. My friend boosted...
  10. Heyon

    After 10 videos 100 subs and 2880 views!

    When I started youtube a few weeks ago I was extremly, extremly self conscious about my videos how I sounded in them and also my format (the way i was presenting it). After reading comments from people and talking with complete strangers on the internet (who liked the content I am/was making) I...
  11. gaxon

    200 subs in a week?!+likes milestone

    well i'm so glad that I got 200 subs a week after 100 subs and 3 weeks after I built my channels :D i'm so so happy :D and I got 150 subs and only one dislike in total which is freaking awesome be sure it check out my channel out my friends ;) #nevergiveup
  12. Jordan Pike


    Happy to announce I passed 10k views on my active videos, which I'm super excited about. I'd love to hit 100k by the end of the year!
  13. Peter Poulos

    Hit 500 Subscribers last night, so happy.

    I hit 500 subscribers last night and I could not be happier. I figured I would make this my first post to the forums as I just stumbled here this morning. I never thought I'd hit 100 let alone 500. The fact that I am finally motivating myself and committing and having it actually pay off is such...
  14. Pedro Nascimento

    Finally after 2 Years I reached 400 subs, any suggestions?

    Hello guys has been 2 years that I have been traveling and making videos for my channel, and finally I got to 400 subscribers :) Do you have any suggestion on how could I get more subscribers? How could I grow my channel more? Thank you very much in advance...
  15. subversiveasset

    Does anyone else not get too excited about milestones?

    I actually just hit 1,000 subscribers a day or so ago, feelings about it have been very strange. As I passed other subscriber numbers (100, 500, etc.,) I didn't really think much about these. As I entered the 900s, I thought I felt excited about the idea of reaching 1000 soon...and...
  16. Rae Talks

    500 Subs/150,000 Views after almost 2 years!

    Just wanted to say that I finally hit 500 subs! This is one of the first goals I have set for myself and I'm honestly surprised I actually hit it lol I think in the future instead of setting a sub goal, I'm going to set a goal of making content that will connect with a broader audience. That...
  17. Nate A

    1000 Subs Announcement

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to share this future milestone announcement!!! I will be giving away 2 $25 I-Tunes gift cards away at 1000 subs to 2 lucky active subscribers!! Bigger and Better giveaways will happen with higher milestones!! Maybe even consoles
  18. Steflouise

    100 subscribers!!!

    HOORAY!!! officially made it to my first 100 subscribers!! such an exciting and great feeling!! woohoo can't wait for the next 100!!! :D:p:wub:
  19. Sk Jony

    Achive 500 Subscribe Club

    After long journey I got 500 subscriber in my channel. It was really hard to get subscribe on YouTube channel. But if you can hard work and target your can reach your destination easily. Thanks YT community and all of my friends and YT users . After join this community I learn more...
  20. Conight

    Quarter of a Thousand

    Growth is hard for someone with such a specific content genre Heres to those struggling under 1000... Goodluck and 頑張れ!
  21. Jamie Taylor

    First video on the Front Page

    So, I was waking up and I decided to look up the word 'the boondocks' and I was surprised to notice that it was the second video in the search and on my other account it's still on the front page. I just can't believe this.
  22. Rehannah

    I have a small channel but who cares!

    I recently got 80+ subscribers and I have 3,133 total views This is really exciting because I have been stuck on 75 for a while. :woohoo!: :bounce: :biggrin: :singing2: :happy2: :wavespin: :) :smileyphones: :x3blush: :coolshades: :smilingcute: :winky: :happy4: :smile22: :hehe...
  23. Steflouise


    This week I reached 1000 views on my channel!! yaaaaaay Thank you heaps to those who have supported me really means so much to me xxx
  24. Onister Gaming

    700 Total Views!

    So i hit 700 views! That is awesome! Thank you to everyone how has been watching.
  25. Cromartie

    5000 Subscribers

    While not as exciting a goal to hit anymore ever since they raised the minimum for the NY YouTube Space to 10K (just in time for me moving there, hahaha...d'oh), it was still one of my top three 2016 goals. While it took a long three years, I'm happy every sub was genuine. No sub4sub along the...
  26. Jessica Cavalier

    600 subs , goal 1000. So happy

    Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to say I have reached my goal of 600 subs. My next goal is 1000.
  27. bakowh

    10 Subscribers,here's to another 10! Thank you

    Thanks to the YT community for providing some tips that enchanced our videos,we're happy to hit our first 10 subs once again thank you! :)
  28. Keegan Z

    Every subscriber counts, right? 10 subscribers the dream!

    With 40 videos to my belt and counting, 455 views on them already, and a slowly-but-surely growing subscriber count currently sitting at 10 subs, I'm pretty much impressed with myself The fact that I'm actually getting some followers of the work I put into my hobby, out of all the time that I...
  29. Dario

    10.000 subscribers!

    Its so amazin to hit that subs number... Im so happy and surprised because i never expect my channel to surpass such number!!! My advice is to be as original and creative(even with daily vlogs)!
  30. Deron


    This is one of my biggest milestone so far and learning SEO was one of the best thing I could have done to better my channel. 200K here I come.