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Finally after 2 Years I reached 400 subs, any suggestions?

Pedro Nascimento

I've Got It
Hello guys has been 2 years that I have been traveling and making videos for my channel, and finally I got to 400 subscribers :)

Do you have any suggestion on how could I get more subscribers? How could I grow my channel more?


Thank you very much in advance for any suggestion :)
First of all, congratulations on your accomplishment so far!

I checked out your channel, and your video thumbnails are great! The videos themselves are okay. You certainly travel a lot of interesting places, but I'd say if I were going to see a video called "Copenhagen in One Minute" (or any city in one minute), I would want a little bit more than just some shots you've taken with music playing over them? I'd say, give some interesting facts about the city, perhaps in titles overlaid on the visuals, maybe talk to a local about what it's like in their city, etc.

Also, a minute is a cool idea, but how much can you see in a minute? Maybe expand it to three or five, so that it isn't the length of an average TV commercial.

But it's high-quality video content, and you are really on-brand, so more promotion and checking your analytics to see where traffic comes from and how you can keep pushing to get more subscribers would help. Good luck!