1. Kenz0

    Struggling to find a name to use for my viewers

    Hello everyone, im here because im looking to get help with names to call my viewers, my channels name is Kenzo and im a gamer, just i cant think of anything good to call them. i don't want to address them as the viewer i want something that will be brand noticeable example (pewdiepie calls his...
  2. Jack Ryan

    How to get community and store tab on youtube channel?

    I want to know how we get the community tab on a youtube channel. Give your valuable suggestion.
  3. P

    Ideas/suggestions for monetizable content without facecam or voice

    So with the changes and more and more channels getting demonetized, it seems that youtube is favoring channels that use facecam or voice-over, but i read that it's still possible to monetize videos even if they don't show facecam or voice for certain type of contents. So i'm here to look for...
  4. AudreyHorne

    Video Freezing and Playback issues?

    Hello, I'm having a serious problem trying to playback two 007 music videos that I uploaded this morning. The video plays and then freezes but the audio continuously plays as the video remains frozen. What could have caused this problem?
  5. Diversified Unison

    Suggestion on Collaboration

    Hello everyone. I'm thinking of approaching others to collaborate. But before I go further I want to know what are the things I should make sure I'm aware of and also what to avoid. If you can share your best practices that will be great. Thank you!
  6. J

    What should i pick ?

    I'm making a video about games being portayed by cartoons, I was about to make a Cuphead one. Which one should I pick to suit it better?
  7. AlaeTheAlien

    What name from these 2 I should choose ?

    Hey everyone :) I'm new to the community but I've been doing youtube for over a year, but I stopped uploading for 2 months so I'm trying to comeback , I've re-branded my channel from gfx/outros /intro. but I'm a bit confused about something, since I do gaming I used my username as my channel...
  8. L

    A timer built in to Youtube

    I had come up with a good idea that can benefit thousands of kids that watch YouTube around the world. What I propose is that a timer is added to the setting tab in the website/app. A user can set the timer from 1 minute to 12 hours (11h 59m 59 secs). Once the set timer hits 0, the video that...
  9. G

    Hey there! Is "Goof3y" a good name? :P

    I want you guys to be completely honest with me. Is "Goof3y" a good name or just weird? :I
  10. AliKat

    Which game should I play?? [ASAP]

    Just got an Elgato Capture card for my PS4, and I'm not sure which game to do an LP on. I need to record tonight as I won't have time over the next few days, so I really need help choosing as all the games are the same to me. The choices are Bloodborne Until Dawn The Last of Us Witcher III Dark...
  11. Rahi Official

    Need Help! Need Suggestions!

    Hey guys! I recently received an email from Adsense saying there was invalid click on my channel and I don't have any idea how that even happened. I spoke with my channel partner and we both didn't do anything for sure. We are thinking there might be some issue with hacking or maybe my channel...
  12. TheSGGamingChannel

    Simple Ways to Make Effective LPs

    I have 3 years experience of making Let's Plays, Walkthrough, Playthroughs, or whatever you want to call them, so I just want to give some quick pieces of advice to people who are new to the business. Having a YouTube channel these days that is dedicated to gaming isn't an impossible task; it...
  13. Pedro Nascimento

    Finally after 2 Years I reached 400 subs, any suggestions?

    Hello guys has been 2 years that I have been traveling and making videos for my channel, and finally I got to 400 subscribers :) Do you have any suggestion on how could I get more subscribers? How could I grow my channel more? Thank you very much in advance...
  14. Pedro Nascimento

    Took me 2 Years to Get 400 Subs, any suggestions?

    Hello guys has been 2 years that I have been traveling and making videos for my channel, videos are high quality. Do you have any suggestion on how could I get more subscribers? How could I grow my channel more? Thank you very much in advance for any suggestion :)
  15. Koa

    How can i get more exposure for my videos

    im trying to find any way possible to gain exposure formy videos even doe i just started and the 4 videos i have posted did way better than i expected i wanna be able to grow and learn more. i mainly want exposure now to be able to get some feed back so i can improve on the things i lack. i...
  16. Julius Gacgacao

    I Need Music Suggestions!

    I need some songs suggestions. For my state track and field meet Songs that are uplifting, positive energy or adventure. Anything with that genre.
  17. Cindereffa

    Channel Name Suggestions?

    Hey everyone! I currently keep going back and forth in my head about what I desire my channel name to be. I plan to post gaming Let's Plays, and want to start with the Sims, and when I get the hang of things I will branch into other games like Undertale, Stardew Valley, Slime Rancher and...
  18. MBGaming

    Suggestions : Hard drives for recording ?

    Hey guys ! I am thinking to buy a dedicated hard drive for recording - the main reason would be for the extra disk space. But after, I've read that a lot of people suggest is better to have a hard drive that is only for recording videos. I still didn't understand which would be better: a 3.0...
  19. Xserzus

    Game suggestions?

    Heya peeps! I've finally started doing proper gaming videos and I absolutely love it. BUT since I'm still in 12th grade I don't have that much time at my hands, so I have to constantly keep everything planned and nifty. So I wanted to ask for suggestions on what games I should play and record...
  20. I

    Informative channel

    Hello everyone, I've got a little question! I work for a company which specialises in the Sleep sector (we sell bedroom furniture etc.). But the issue is: my boss wants to start a informative YouTube channel about all the things around sleeping! For example: bed sizes, pillows, bed-support...