milestone announcement

  1. MZ-101

    Hit my Milestone!

    Okay... So, I haven't posted here in a while... 201...! That was my milestone/challenge. (While I won't post the link here) I posted a video on my channel a while back that basically said 'If I don't hit 201 subs by 16th of January 2016?! I'm finally giving up YouTube and deleting my channel!'...
  2. The Maker

    20 Subs!

    Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to where I am now. I never really thought I would achieve even this small milestone.
  3. Deepankar Singh

    I hit 4000 Views Today

    Hello Folks Today my channel hit 4k views with 120 subs From January 2017(I had got 3000k views in January in just 45 days) Due to Internet problem I was not able to upload regularly now its fixed and in last week I have got around 400+ view now . And I hope it keeps going without anymore...
  4. Pluto

    50 Subs!

    After about 7 years on and off youtube i've finally figured out what type of content I like to create. It seems like that's paid off! I can't wait to see whats in store moving forward :)
  5. Dollebob

    200 subs!! Never thought i will get there so quick, im so happy :)

    Hello there YTF :D I just reached 200 subs !! Its Amazing, never thought it will go so fast. All the support i have gotten since i started has been a great help. It really means alot to me and im glad that peopel like the content im putting out. Have a nice day everybody ;) Much Love, Dollebob <3
  6. Subnerv

    Reached 2000 total views thanks to all of you!

    Hey everyone! I just reached 2000 total views thanks to all of you! I really appreciate the support for my small gaming channel! Will continue to post more videos! Hopefully will start seeing videos daily but currently generating new content every other day. Thank you all for watching! Have a...
  7. MusicsAnts

    100 subs

    Hey everybody, I have reach the big 1-0-0, using my nvidia gaming tablet I try my best to make great videos to gain more sub's :)
  8. shanesmaineshop

    500 subscribers Finaly

    I just hit 500 what a great feeling. it took a long time I hope the next 500 come a lot faster thank you to all of my current and future subscribers. I really appreciate all of you. Thanks shanesmaineshop
  9. Robot Elixir

    Just hit 100,000 views! On the path to 1k subs

    I've just passed the 100,000 views mark on my channel - YAY!!!! My channel is now 2 years old and I'm super excited with this achievement. I'm hoping to reach the 1k subscriber milestone soon and to be honest I thought I'd have reached that sooner, but I'm not complaining. At least people are...
  10. Priscila

    200 Subscribers in 2 months!!

    We've reached 200 subscribers in 2 months! I don't know if this is fast but I thought we would be growing slower than this, maybe 50 subs in 2 months! :) I am super happy that we are growing and Troy, my 5-year-old old is super excited because he wants to reach 1K subscribers. I told him that it...
  11. MySkinnyplate

    I ACTUALLY hit 400 subs?! ...Does the Carlton Dance :-)

    Hey everyone, longtime lurker first time posting. I woke up today to discover that I hit the 400 mark on my subscriptions. Holy Canoli! I started my channel to document my ketogenic diet to lose weight after having my third baby and I wasn't expecting people to watch, but I wanted an...
  12. Lewis Knight

    400 subscribers :D

    Just hit 400 subscribers with 6000 channel views :D
  13. Subnerv

    Currently over 900 views! Thank you!!

    I really appreciate the time taken to view my channel and video content! Thank you very much! I will continue strong! :couchpotato: S U B N E R V
  14. Sk Jony

    Reach 800 Subscriber quickly.

    At least I reach 800 subscriber on my channel quickly. When I reach 700 then I took long time, but now I gain 800 very quickly. Thanks to support our channel and stay with us.
  15. AMX Gaming

    600 plus thank you so much

    not too long ago we passed 600 subscribes, something amazing for a gaming channel, met so many awesome people and it's so motivating when others show us some love, thank you for reading and for the support.
  16. hatlesschimp

    500 Subs!!!

    Pretty stoked to hit 500 subs. And to think I have still put on 250+ subs since my last uploaded video 7 weeks ago. This was due to various Work and Health issues and also moving into a New House and doing some work on it. All is good now and I have a backlog of video that I'm editing into a...
  17. SimpleUnboxingTV

    First 20 subs and over 500 views!

    Im happy to announce that I finally reached my goal of getting the 20 first subs! The channel is fairly new and I am trying my best to put as much quality into the content as I can! i posted my first video 28 oct 2016 and it feels like the channel has been gaining lots of support in that short...
  18. FunWithTheBugs

    We Hit 1,000 Subs!

    Our channel started on 6/3/2016 and we hit 1,000 subs yesterday. A few months ago we were basically frozen at around 600 subs and thanks to some users here and some other awesome YouTubers we were able to fix some things with our channel that really helped our growth pick up. I didn't see this...
  19. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Just Hit 200 Subs!!

    Hello best friends, So finally today I hit 200 subs, which is really awesome.200 amazing people joined our family.Thanks to all of you great people, this community & obviously YouTube for allow me to do what I love :)
  20. ProjectAlpha101

    100+ Subscribers!

    Just reached my first 100 subscribers! I never thought it would happen that fast I am so happy but there is a long way to go! Consistency is key, I hope all of you reach your milestones and push towards your growth in the YouTube community. -Amir
  21. PleaseDavid

    6 months, 300 subs, and 15,000 views! Thanks you!

    Ive been on YouTube for 6 months now, and to date I have 300 subscribers and 15,000 views! Grateful that at least some people find my distasteful comedy somewhat funny. I dont usually write serious things like this but since im truly so excited I just had to. Anyways, cancerous comedy isnt going...
  22. Mitchell Bridgeman

    Reached 1000 views New Years 2016-2017

    Great news... We reached 1000 views on our content before New Year's Eve was over. Our end view count was 1124 views. Just thought it would be cool to share it with everyone as I am delighted with my own milestone. Some views (approx >100?) were from family watching my content. YouTube has...
  23. GregRawinski

    100 subs & 1800 views!!! Happy days!

    I know I know it's only 100 no big deal but it is a small milestone for me. Just couple of stats if anyone is interested: - Recorded and published 13 videos so far - 1897 total views - 2885 minutes watch time - 12 comments - 47 likes - not even $1.50 earned lol ;)
  24. Aresteele

    500 Subs! My second official Milestone!

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to celebrate my achievement of reaching 500 subs! It's been a long time coming for me since it's incredibly hard to get noticed. But if any of you from here have subbed to me, I just want to say thank you for the support! I'm looking forward to building my channel...
  25. CreepChomper

    Yay 100 subs!

    I hit 100 subs a few days ago yay!
  26. ApexTV

    60,000 Subscribers and 30 Million Views!

    Hello good people of YTTalk! We our glad to announce that our YouTube channel has reached 60,000 subscribers and a total of over 30 million views across all our videos. This is fantastic news, considering we have been active on YouTube for over two years and are glad to finally see some...
  27. UnicycleFight

    Half way to 100! I can smell that custom URL!

    I have surpassed all the goals I set to reach by Christmas and I'm starting to see significant increase in traffic and engagement! :bounce::dance::spin::running::twins::giggle:
  28. Jack Swish

    100 SUBS

  29. Jack Swish


    So glad I have smashed this milestone :) Just imagine that many people in one place- crazy! Whenever a video isn't getting traction straight away and view count isn't where I want it to be, I always google like "100 people" and just to put it all into perspective. My videos have been getting...

    I reached 100

    You know I've been waiting for this moment. I've seen so many other channels pass and I've told myself I'll be in the same situation as them soon. I'm finally here :3 thank you to everyone