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I ACTUALLY hit 400 subs?! ...Does the Carlton Dance :-)

Hey everyone, longtime lurker first time posting.

I woke up today to discover that I hit the 400 mark on my subscriptions. Holy Canoli!

I started my channel to document my ketogenic diet to lose weight after having my third baby and I wasn't expecting people to watch, but I wanted an accountability to keep going on my weight loss so I wouldn't lose motivation and people actually hit the subscription button.

I started doing videos in August but I had a slow start because my camera produced horrible quality so I was doing monthly videos. I saved up money for a new camera and started posting higher quality content a couple weeks ago and my channel finally started gaining traction.

I have the biggest smile on my face and I feel so proud because I've put so much hard work into the videos. I've learned a lot of terrific tips from all of you on yytalk and I look forward to my next 400 subscribers.

Happy girl here!!!