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I've Got It
Pretty stoked to hit 500 subs. And to think I have still put on 250+ subs since my last uploaded video 7 weeks ago. This was due to various Work and Health issues and also moving into a New House and doing some work on it.
All is good now and I have a backlog of video that I'm editing into a number of videos that will help get me back on track and moving towards 1000k subs a bit quicker. I reckon if I had kept up my pace before New Years I might have hit 1000 subs already. Anyways I never would have thought Id have 500 subs let alone 100 subs and I really appreciate it. I do have over 100k in views but the Subs to me a worth their weight in gold to me. Its confirmation that I am doing something right where as views are just a number. Id actually have audience retention time as my second favourite number I like to see go up.
I really find making YT videos fun and I love the interaction too.

Thanks for stopping! I hope that this can help motivate new youtubers!

Hatlesschimp Hometheater epson 9300 6040ub - 500 Subs2.jpg
Hatlesschimp Hometheater epson 9300 6040ub - 500 Subs.jpg
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