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After 10 videos 100 subs and 2880 views!


When I started youtube a few weeks ago I was extremly, extremly self conscious about my videos how I sounded in them and also my format (the way i was presenting it). After reading comments from people and talking with complete strangers on the internet (who liked the content I am/was making) I began to feel comfortable with what I was making. At this point ( I do not want to sound cocky) I'm aware that my content isn't bad at all, it is decent at least. And I still dont think I fully understand how luck I am to be able to get 100 subs in a month and find people who I can entertain, but I want to say an un-official THANK YOU to everyone that has helped me get there.
To be completely honest maybe none of you know my channel because I am NEW here but still,

If you have surpassed the 100 subs mark I would love to hear how that felt and how long it took you to get there!
That's amazing dude! :D

I still have a little bit more than half of the road left to 100 subs. ;)
More we make videos and get positive feedback, more we become CONFIDENT. Congratulations for 100 subs and 2K views. All the best for 200 subs and 3k.