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Loving YTtalk
While not as exciting a goal to hit anymore ever since they raised the minimum for the NY YouTube Space to 10K (just in time for me moving there, hahaha...d'oh), it was still one of my top three 2016 goals. While it took a long three years, I'm happy every sub was genuine. No sub4sub along the way, etc. I feel a little more confident with a bit more purpose and understanding towards this whole YouTube thing. Crazy to think I started this channel just to share a video I originally posted to MySpace-ha.

Uploading my milestone video tomorrow. Next stop 10,000. ;)
Congratulations on getting to 5000 subscribers man and sticking with what you love for so long :). It looks like you got some videos on your channel that are massive hits. May the 10k come to you soon enough and that you may enter the famous YouTube Space haha. All the best man.
Hey good going :) 5000 was my most exhilarating milestone because it was honestly something I thought was so far out of reach... and it felt sooooo good when I reached. Congrats and look onward to 10,000!
Ha I totally thought it was far out of reach, especially for an animation channel-feels good indeed. :)

Thanks so much all. Went ahead and uploaded my milestone video today. Let the road to 10K begin. :up2: