5000 subscribers

  1. Courtney Candice

    I made it to 5,000 subscribers!

    I know that 5,000 subscribers isn’t a whole lot compared to some YouTubers, but it really does mean a lot to me. Youtube has helped me with my shyness and my self esteem issues and that means more than anything. Just a couple months ago was my three year anniversary on YouTube!:)
  2. Yachts For Sale

    5000 Subscribers!

    I just hit the 5000 subscriber mark this morning. I photographed the page in case somebody unsubs! The channel is finally gaining it's own momentum and next week I have some big plans including a very small collaboration with a very big TV Show. I'm hoping to double my subs and get to the 2m...
  3. Cameron Arnold

    5000 SUBSCRIBERS HOLY $ugar honey ice tea

    I don't know what to say im lost for words and i would like to thank everyone who subscribe or watch my videos it's mean alot that you guys are helping me making my dream job come true so to show my appriciation im gonna do a QnA on my channel all u have to do is go to twitter and ask me a...
  4. Mogawty

    5,000 Subscribers!

    It's been about 10 months since I started my channel, and I'm proud to announce it has just surpassed 5K subscribers! The journey from 4K to 5K was the slowest 1 thousand by far (besides the first 1 thousand of course) but it seems to be picking back up! I wish everyone reading this success...
  5. Cromartie

    5K Sub Milestone (Colors of the Wind Cover)

    A "Colors of the Wind" cover that doubles as a "road to 5k" video with lyrics fitting to my channel. Awesome instrumental remade from scratch by Liam Chambers. Been finally diversifying as much as I can in 2016, albeit much to the confusion of my subs as this is at 1K views in a week vs. the...
  6. Cromartie

    5000 Subscribers

    While not as exciting a goal to hit anymore ever since they raised the minimum for the NY YouTube Space to 10K (just in time for me moving there, hahaha...d'oh), it was still one of my top three 2016 goals. While it took a long three years, I'm happy every sub was genuine. No sub4sub along the...
  7. Cromartie

    Can't Make up My Mind on a 5K Sub Milestone

    My planning and decisiveness have really been slipping. Within the next few months I'm sure to hit my 5K sub goal. At 2K I did a "cut content" video, and by 3K I made three requests. 5k though, I'm extremely torn. First instinct idea was a "Journey to 5K" musical retrospective that was a...