1. Kira1

    Are there any MCNs that offer crypto payment?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there are any MCNs that offer payments in Bitcoin or any other crypto
  2. angelwaheed

    Youtube partnership networks for small channels

    YouTube Partnership Networks is some of the best ways to grow your website's exposure and to attract even more viewers. These networks are great for people with websites that do not have a massive number of subscribers or for small channels who want to get a foothold in the YouTube community...
  3. T

    How to become mcn in 2019?

    Friends I'm wondering how to become multi channel network?
  4. D

    Should one drop MCN in favour of Adsense?

    I've been in an MCN for over 5 years, creating gaming content for even a longer period. Question is, should I fix something that isn't broken? While the MCN does take a 20% cut and they don't really do anything for me aside from taking the cut, I'm wondering if it's worth risking everything...
  5. limez

    What MCN Are Accepting New Applications Right Now?

    Good day fellas! My channel was just released from my previous MCN and now I am looking for another MCN that are accepting gaming channel. I checked Union for Gamers but right now they are not accepting new applications. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. S

    MCN Partnership / CMS Access

    Hello, we have exclusive rights to over 100+ artists and we would like to join a MCN that allows us to use CMS features. We need to be able to control our content, block, monetize, issue take downs if necessary. Which Network offers these features? how can someone get access to these features...
  7. Yachts For Sale

    Any advice on cancelling my contract with BBTV?

    My contract with BBTV automatically renews every year unless I cancel it with 30 days notice. That means that at last the time has come for me to cancel, since the renewal date is in April and I want to give plenty of notice. My question is, have any of you already been through this? Will an...
  8. TryHard_Heroes

    Gaming Looking to collaborate and expand eachother's viewerbase

    Hey guys, I make videos that center around comedic approach to most games. I've already formed a gaming group and have been signed to a reputable MCN. There are many opportunities that are coming but I'd like to get to know other start up youtubers who want to work hard to do some weird and fun...
  9. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Should I Join An MCN? What Is An Multi Channel Network (MCN)?

    What Is An MCN? Should I Join An Multi Channel Network (MCN)? How to Join and MCN? YouTube MCNs are a collection of youtube content creators groups together to help trade knowledge and potentially increase bargaining power. Are there benefits of joining an mcn? YouTube Tips and Tricks channels...
  10. M

    Zoomin MCN August Payments?

    Has anyone received bank or WU earnings for June (August payments)?
  11. Daphydeez

    MCN - GOOD OR BAD for Youtube Newbies

    Hey there!! So I've recently stumbled upon this thing call MCN, also known as Youtube Networks. These are companies that claims to help you advertise, increase CPM, and grow your channel by taking a cut of your revenue profit. I am not making money on Youtube yet, but if MCN truly can help...
  12. N

    MCN for really small channels?

    Is there an MCN that is really good at making channels become successful boosting subscribers and active viewers? Are there any networks that are worth the support and really great at CPM or anything (even though I don't care much about revenue split) but I just want something to help the...
  13. FWS_Moos214

    Freedom MCN

    I'm curious of people's opinions on the Freedom! MCN. I've heard both good and bad things about it and am wondering what people's first hand experiences are. So let me know what you've experienced good and bad it's much appreciated! Keep on keeping on everyone!
  14. crusadershorts

    [Guide] Are YouTube Networks (MCNs) Worth Joining?

    [Guide] Are YouTube Networks (MCNs) Worth Joining? Hello! Recently I wrote a guide called "[Guide] Script Writing - Scripting A Video: The Process". Unfortunately, I cannot link it due to my member restrictions, but if you want an Extensive guide full of Tips on Scripting your videos then check...
  15. YAOG

    Freedom! Promises

    So I've been pestered by networks and most of them are forthright with me that they do not have a sales team that can get me higher cpm ads, but Freedom's rep who contacted me said they do have a sales team that gets ads that they serve in addition to the adsense ads, plus that they do it for...
  16. Sullygaming

    MCN Partner

    hello guys i just want to know what is MCN means
  17. J

    any LAIKA MUSIC MCN users ?

    Anyone heard of this network ? They are offering 80/20 for a year and 1 month trial. They are also very small which I think its good, but I'm wondering if anyone had any experience with them. My channel is music related so I need access to Content ID so I can block , monetize or whitelist...
  18. GrumpyKitten

    ContentID via MCN - PLEASE HELP!

    Hey guys, I registered on this forum a long time ago, but this is my first post, so please excuse me if I missed the appropriate place to post this! Getting right to it. I uploaded a video 6 years ago, that has been very viral throughout the last few years. I have then partnered up with a MCN...
  19. MadJack

    Random MCN has my channel?

    So I have just seen this on my channel using VidIQ and for some reason, my channel is with an MCN? I've never signed up or even considered of joining a network due to my small size. The MCN is called 'BPM Digital'. If anyone is part of this network and tell me who they are then that would be...
  20. A

    Adsense vs Fullscreen vs Studio71 vs Curse

    Recently i have been approached by few netwoks about partnership. My YouTube channel has more than 100k subscribers and i have been getting over 10 million views every month. I am presently with adsense. My question is should i stay with adsense or join a network. My channel has content related...
  21. Kai Micro

    What do you most yearn for in an MCN?

    Don't have the look to front YouTube videos, but do have the resources, know-how and advertising connections to build channels. So I'm setting up an MCN, or rather, a studio to assist creative, entertaining, self-aware, up-and-comers in achieving success on YouTube. So I ask the yttalk...
  22. MartinTabanag

    is it ok to join multiplt MCNs?

    hey everyone! im new to this MCN thing. im not really sure what im doing. i just realize that these things exist in the youtube world. can you give me any suggestions? is it also ok to sign up your channel to a lot of MCNs?
  23. R

    Problems with Youtube partner Scale Lab (MCN)

    Hi, I 'm Raihan Farhad. On 11 October 2016 I have joined Scale Lab (MCN). They were underpaying me. So I sent an e-mail to increase my deal with them. But they didn't reply my e-mail. When I wanted to log- in to my account, it gave me an error, saying that it doesn't recognize my e-mail address...
  24. zaffron

    Will my SEO improve if I join MCN ?

    So does YouTube search engine give high priority ( high SEO ) for videos published by the channels that are part of a network, regardless of how big the channels are ? or is it just the same thing if i did not join any MCN ? any idea ?
  25. Maarij Bashir

    Why Big youtubers have MCN?

    Reading through these forums I just read that MCN are bad and must be avoided. Yet there are big youtubers that are signed to those MCN. This doesn't really make sense to me. Is it about how much money they make on their channel.
  26. cumangitu

    joining mcn?

    Is this good strategy of i join mcn ? If so .wat mcn you prefer?
  27. Tayo

    PAVE Network (Disbanded)

    So I was partnered with a Network called PAVE. They were based in Germany and were fairly new, having started up in January of this year. After talking to one of their recruiters for a few weeks and looking over their contract, I decided to join up. First network I've ever been with and it was...
  28. L

    Leave BBTV (revenues share)

    Hello, I have a channel created in 2012, I have 8500 subscribers and more than 3.5 million views. I joined BBTV in June 2016, and I noticed that my earnings were down. I asked for cancel the contract, but they refuse, I have a 2 year contract with them. You advise me to create a new channel...
  29. C

    Almost $1000 on just 350,000 views???

    Some YouTuber online has been trying to justify their decision to join an MCN. They recently posted a video showing almost $1000 on just 350k views for the month. That is from the dashboard so that is for the ENTIRE channel! That makes NO sense! I know earnings can vary widely but that is TOO...
  30. wabz

    About networks

    I've been shopping around for a yt network to join. I'm close to deciding on one, but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? Or what to look out for in order to protect my channel? It's relatively small (under 300) and I've been doing this off and on for about 3 years now...I'd like...