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Mar 7, 2016
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So I was partnered with a Network called PAVE. They were based in Germany and were fairly new, having started up in January of this year. After talking to one of their recruiters for a few weeks and looking over their contract, I decided to join up. First network I've ever been with and it was pretty good... for the first week or two. Everyday I would get an email with tips/tricks to help grow my channel, and while it was techniques that I already knew and implemented, I did appreciate the help and they even showcased me at one point. However, after a couple weeks I stopped receiving emails at the same rate and the emails I was receiving were repetitive.

Finally, around the 2 month mark I got tired of it, especially after trying to contact them for extra help with my channel and only getting a vague and unhelpful response. I also don't enjoy the whole, "Fan Funding being restricted while partnered" since, being a small channel, the only real money I ever received was through Fan Funding. After re-checking the contract however, I saw that it wasn't until the 3 month mark that I could "request" to leave, and I could only be granted that request if my channel hadn't grown by 20% within 3 months. Now while I do like that they gave people the opportunity to leave if the network wasn't helping them grow like they were promised, any help I ever asked for was basically brushed off and barely responded to.

Luckily for me, though, PAVE emailed me saying that they're shutting down! So I was super excited to be rid of the contract, but what bothered me was they never stated why they were disbanding. They just said, "oh hi, sooo... I know we haven't talked to you in weeks but... we're leaving, BYE!" I mean, hey cool for me thanks! But why?? It was so random!

End of story, they gave me a 30 day notice till I guess I'm officially rid of them? They say they're going to give me whatever I've earned while with them at the end of this month, so we'll see. I'll update this post once I've finally left them.
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