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  1. louis walters

    how do create better channel art?

    my channel art isnt great so if you vould please leave some advice that would be great thank you
  2. Stockhouse

    Camera Manipulation and other questions.

    Hi everyone! Stockhouse here with a few queries to ask about editing videos. The first one is how does one manipulate their facecam during a let's play in the editing process. I assume the camera is recorded separately from the game capture. I do PC games and I use Xsplit Broadcaster so the...
  3. WaffleDrone

    Looking for a review, thank you everyone in advance :)

    So yesterday was my first day uploading after stockpiling on videos for a while since I'm a college student, I make daily gameplay videos and I am currently playing Dark Souls 3 on there as well as Metro 2033 Redux, for the most recently recorded videos check out the dark souls ones :) that's...
  4. thejoelwilliamsphere

    YouTube URL Changes!

    As of yesterday I finally hit 100 subscribers, making me fully eligible to get a custom URL for my channel. However when I go to do this - because youtube has changed the way they do things yet again, I cant get the username I want because apparently several other channels have it? Yet I...
  5. isaacdmann

    Is my channel doing well?

    Hi guys, So I started a youtube channel about 3 weeks ago, I would just really like some honest feedback as im not sure if my friends are just being nice :P Please feel free to leave any tips that may help me out. Everything is appreciated!! And if anyone feels like doing a collab or anything...
  6. LifeAsJenny

    Need help on channel

    Just last week i've seen a dramatic loss in my subscribers. I was up loading 1 vlog a week. Than last week i've decided to upload 2 vlogs a week. When i did that i saw that i was loosing subscribers. I'm not sure if it's because i'm uploading 2 times a week or it's something else. I've taken...
  7. Clockwork collective

    Something is Missing

    hello ! So me and a few guys started a channel for vlogging. I've released two films and feel like something is missing.. Guess I'm just looking for some unbiased feedback so I can adj if needed.. Thanks :)
  8. javacentral

    A little bit irritated and trying to get off the ground.

    I've tried my best to share my videos out to other people. I am active as a member on reddit, twitter, facebook, google+, and tried my hand at a coffee forum (I make coffee videos, btw). I try to like other peoples content, share comments on their stuff, and get involved with each website as...
  9. Toastedjaffas

    Let me know what you think :)

    Hey there I uploaded a video of me and my friend playing squad. I spent a very long time editing it yet it's only gotten 5 views. I was wondering if I was doing anything wrong or if anyone could let me know how I could improve it? Many thanks :D
  10. Terrance

    Help with channel direction

    I've realized I want to go iin a comedy direction. Skits, rants, commentary. I have a dry sarcastic sense of humor and i am wondering how I can use that to my benefit. in my videos.
  11. W

    Quit YouTube?? Help please

    Okay so i started a you tube channel last year in November and so far i have about 51 subscribers and the thing is, its a gaming channel and although i enjoy playing games i don't play that often especially since collage has started for me. I went into it thinking that if i do gaming i won't...
  12. Old Tin Man

    Video Title Help

    Hey guys, I have been on the YouTube train for almost 6 months now and I have been doing well, although recently I haven't been gaining as many views as I normally am. I have two very popular videos that get searched every day, My first Fallout 4 & Until Dawn videos. All of my other videos are...
  13. nicola dixon

    Face Cam

    I've just recently started using facecam....and i think its going well. But i want to get better with it! Can anyone suggest things I can do to improve facecam whether its quality or just general do's and don't.:help: Thanks guys:thanksthumbs: Buh Bye have a beautiful day :grinphones:
  14. Scrambled Games

    How to grow my channel?

    Hey guys! I just wanted to know if anyone had any tips for me on how to grow my channel? I started my channel about 7 months ago and seamed to have accumulated 8 subscribers, my main focus is making entertaining videos and building a community and I have researched a lot about growing your...
  15. SwankGaming

    How I'm Looking?

    Hey guys I've been on youtube for about 2.5 months and grown to 300 subs in that amount of time, but i feel like there's so much I can do to improve, but to be honest I'm not sure where nor how. May you check out my channel and give me some feedback? I'll like to hear from people that are small...
  16. thraitor

    Help please?

    Hey guys, please can you check out my latest video and give me some ways to improve.It is one of my first and I would greatly appreciate the help.I can check out some of your channels if you would like.
  17. Storm City Gaming

    Need help getting subs

    I'm a new YouTuber and I need help on how to get people to watch my videos and subscribe. Anyone have any ideas?
  18. O


    Can somebody help me improve my channel, as im not growing too well, but to be honest ive only just started? suggestions???
  19. Pierre Maynard

    How to recover deleted video files?

    So i need help with trying to recover one of my deleted video files, I shouldn't have deleted. I've tried to find the best software to get it back, But you need a conformation key for that and i dont have one. :( Is there any other software that recovers video files without paying for it, or...
  20. CubedMadness

    Video Ideas.

    Hey people. We are wondering. What do you guys like to watch on YouTube?
  21. MythicalTaco

    Brand New You-Tuber.Need Feedback.

    So i'm starting out in YouTube, i currently have 7 subs.And i'm stuck on that number.I really want to improve, so tell me what i need to work on, what i need to improve.Basically anything. Ether its good or bad.Trust me i can take it. : )
  22. Arcanum

    Willing to help people with Adobe Premiere, Basic Questions!

    I exclusively use adobe premiere for all my video editing, and some minor After Effects work. As you can tell with my videos being green screened. If you have a question in regards to premiere feel free to ask. I will attempt to answer them if I know how to.
  23. FanoBelmont

    Building an effective Schedule

    Hello guys. I want to hear you opinion on this topic and see if anyone has any particular tips or strategies that have worked for you. I focus on gaming videos, but I don't think this should be limited to gaming. As I am starting to create content, I get more and more excited with the...
  24. Cookie9291

    Other Maybe collab with another family.....

    Hey, I am very new to vlogging and just making videos. I don't know much and would love some experience and help. Me and my husband are working together on making vlogs and just talking about real life situations. we would love to branch out. we don't have the best camera but we are saving up...
  25. chriskioonegamergang

    Youtubers; help each other or nah?

    It seems the question or complaint is YouTuber's do not help one another! I have been hearing this since I started my YouTube research several months ago. I for one have found plenty of helpful individuals who I have communicated with on a daily basis it's all about actually being involved in...
  26. OhMyMilton

    How does one grow on Youtube?

    Hi everyone I got a question and that is how to grow on youtube? I feel like my channel is good enough to get in a couple of subs. I've been doing 'Youtube' for month already and all I got was 3 Subs one of them is my mom lol. I just need advice and tips on how to grow. I use sony vegas 13 and...
  27. Zman

    Free video editing?

    Hello i was wondering if anyone knows a good video editing software because unfortunately i cant get something like Sony Vegas or something else thank you -Zman201
  28. madora

    Am i doing it right?

    Hello! My name is madora. and i'm a music promoter and i'm a bit insecure about my channel could you leave some feedback or idee's for some changes. I appreciate every comment! Channel name : madora.
  29. The Tech Chap

    Advice: Subscriber growth slowed and fewer comments

    Hi guys. I've been running my Tech Chap channel since Feb '15: Although my video production quality has improved over the months (in my opinion at least), I'm finding that my growth in terms of subscribers has plateaued to a rather mediocre ~10 or so a day. I'm putting a lot of time in my...
  30. MithrilRoshi

    My Saved Playlists is missing, how can I fix it? ;x;

    I have no idea how it happened, but for some reason the saved playlists under my created playlists is missing! I need help with this since I have tons of playlists that were saved to there but now its gone i only have the sidebar thing but it is far to impractical. I know it is just my accouint...