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  1. A

    Question About recording

    i have a gaming channel that i do with my older brother and we sometimes both have problems when we do video together specifically audio issues. we do not live in the same city so we need to rely on chat services like google hangout and Skype to record our videos. Skype is out of the question...
  2. MannyIzzy

    I really need help Branding my Content

    Hello my name is Manny , my Friend and I have been making YouTube videos for around 2 years now but a few months ago we started really focusing on the channel and trying to stick to a scheduled. But we have a hard time finding our Target Audience , Promoting our Selves and Branding. Do you...
  3. TheAmandaCristina

    New To YouTube ..HELP!!!

    Hey all! I'm building my channel and I'm having some trouble trying to figure out a little bit of some things. 1: How can people search me up? 2: How can I customize my URL? 3: What advice would you have for someone starting up their channel and is trying to gain views? I'm really...
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