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    Common Errors Gaming Channels Make

    I discovered what I have been doing wrong with my gaming channel. Maybe what I have discovered will help you out. When it comes to gaming, we have a lot of competition to compete with and what we need to do is perfect our content and make it irresistible. Watch my video below and find out how I...
  2. KantoGaming

    Check this out If you love sims 4!

    Take a peek at my Colorful Apartments Speed Build! I had so much fun :D
  3. Surrendead

    First video - Overwatch: Guess we're bad at the game after all

    Hello everyone! Hope you guys enjoy this montage of edited clips, feel free to message me if you enjoyed it and let me know how you guys think of the edits! :)
  4. G-Legend

    Any Gaming YTers who may be able to help me on this decision?

    What's up guys! I have a gaming YouTube channel and I've been wondering how to reach out to a more particular target audience. The thing is I don't really want to stick with just one game, like COD or Battlefield. I've seen big youtubers who stick to one main franchise but I wouldn't really like...
  5. sabrinafabulous

    Calling All Girl Gamers

    So I've just started a gaming channel, and as a female I've been seriously bummed that there is a lack of popular girl gaming channels. Reply below, introduce yourself and share your experience of what it's like being a girl gamer on youtube. LETS BAND TOGETHER :) I've heard a lot of people call...
  6. Toast Gaming

    Gaming Channels - Where Do You Share/Promote?

    Hi all, For those of you who run gaming channels, I'm curious where you go about sharing/promoting your content. Which locations have provided you with the best return on investment? From which locations have you gotten the most positive feedback? Ultimately, I'm trying to find some new...
  7. cosmicopalite

    Gaming PC group recording collaboration

    I am setting up to start playing some multiplayer games and would like some people to record/play with and have fun while doing so. The requirements are that: You have to be 18+: I would feel uncomfortable recording with minors im sorry its just me, A microphone: Very preferred, if you do not...
  8. smouchysmouch

    Gaming Channel Oversaturation? How does one make there channel stand out?

    Hi all, I have just recently starting youtubing and I have noticed in all the forums and reddits I've been looking in, there is a lot of gamming channels. I use to do gaming videos, but now I have decided to stop making them because I can't think of ways to make them stand out to the heap of...
  9. FernandoMask

    What do you think of the new terms of service?

  10. GooberVlogs

    Let Me Check Out Your Channel..NO GAME CHANNELS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First let me start by saying I love video games but it seems like every channel on this forum is gaming :banghead: I want to check out channels that are anything but gaming.. post and comment and if you want I can review your channel.. and I will be honest with you :)
  11. Noob Gamer

    Honest Feedback Please

    Hi peeps, Would you be kind enough to check out my channel and let me know your thoughts? - If you like it please subscribe, monitor my videos and provide feedback on those too. If you don't like it, please let me know here to so I can...
  12. TechJess

    Gaming Gaming Collabs for the win!

    Hello there! I have been wanting to do a collab (even if it is just one) with someone. I don't want to say that I will do a collab with just anyone and I would like to at least talk to see if it would be a good match. At this moment I can do console (xbox one and ps3) and PC gaming. Which is...
  13. DarrenX92

    Gaming Anyone want to collab?

    Hey guys! Just looking for a few guys who would possibly wanna collab either with just myself or some friends i currntly play with. We are currently playing on Xbox one and some PC games. Games i/we play are GTA,GMOD,rocket league,fifa,random co-op games,cod minigames. that kinda thing sometimes...
  14. Untoten115

    Gaming Experienced YouTuber Starting Collaboration Group. Age 18+

    Hello everyone! My name is Glen, I go by Untoten115 on my YouTube channel. I'm hoping to start a group in which myself and a few different people can build a friendship together and make lots of hilarious videos for everyone to see. Requirements: Must be 18 years of age. (No exceptions.) Has...
  15. skepticalvoid

    I need gaming video ideas!!!

    So i post gaming tutorials and pc build videos. my subs like my gaming tutorials most. i want to post counter strike videos but idk what to do. i want to buy an elgato for my xbox one so i can make zombie videos. i think thats what seems to be trending in the cod community. i have a good PC so i...
  16. Jaxx Plays

    Gaming Looking for fun and awesome people to make videos with!

    My youtube channel is Jaxx Plays Just looking for people to have fun with and make great videos, and possibly help each other out :D If interested comment below or just add me on skype: wolfgod17 or just comment yours down below! ( I have better means of communication but its what most people...