Gaming Experienced YouTuber Starting Collaboration Group. Age 18+

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Hello everyone! My name is Glen, I go by Untoten115 on my YouTube channel.
I'm hoping to start a group in which myself and a few different people can build a friendship together and make lots of hilarious videos for everyone to see.

Must be 18 years of age. (No exceptions.)
Has decent recording equipment, and can properly edit videos.
Can be contacted regularly through Skype.
Has at least 100 subs.
Preferably a year of YouTube experience (Though exceptions can be made.)
Posts YouTube videos at least once a week.

What I'm looking for:
I need people who can match my style of video making.
I try to make the funniest gaming commentary I can, while using moderate amounts of editing
to make jokes along the way. I do short clips, long let's plays (1 hrs +), Vlogs, and basically anything else I can do. I hope to be adding collabs to that list soon as well :p
Just feel free to check out my channel if you need to know more.

Why I want to start a group:
I need to expand what I'm doing on YouTube. Not only that, I want to make some friends along the way.
I have a real passion for what I do, and I want to meet people who feel the same.
I feel that even though it would be nice to get lots of subs and make videos for a living, I want to have as much fun making videos as I possibly can. I also want to share that fun with as many people as I can, because I believe that's what YouTube is all about.

So, if you feel the same way, I would love to make videos with you.
I hope that we can become good friends, make awesome videos together, and hopefully build an audience of amazing followers along the way.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave them in the comments. I will answer as soon as I possibly can.

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