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Hello everyone! Hope you guys enjoy this montage of edited clips, feel free to message me if you enjoyed it and let me know how you guys think of the edits! :)

This was actually really funny! and the editing was dope! I love the outro Btw, might have to steal that kind of idea ;) I want to make OW humor videos but finding a group is not easy
Hey I'm really glad you guys liked it! I was a bit worried that the text edits may be a little to fast for people to read haha. And EGC I'm down to do a collab sess sometime, add me on skype: kenwenboi
Enjoyed the video quite a bit. The text edits were fine as they flowed with the conversation which made picking them up fast and easy. The humor came off as legitimate and not staged so thanks for that. Like the others already mentioned, the editing looked good and flowed well. I'm not a pro editor by any means, I just know what I enjoy from a viewer standpoint and overall I enjoyed it. Thumbs up my friend!