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Hey guys!
Just looking for a few guys who would possibly wanna collab either with just myself or some friends i currntly play with. We are currently playing on Xbox one and some PC games. Games i/we play are GTA,GMOD,rocket league,fifa,random co-op games,cod minigames. that kinda thing sometimes we would just browse the steam store or xbox and just see if we can bring out fun content.
I have recently just gone solo aswell as having a joint channel.
If we play or fit your similar game types and your interested just give us a message.
i dont think the time zone is problem, i can be free when you are free cuz i dont have job yet or school, but i live in ohio
okay i'm in the UK, i meant the time zone so we can work out times, that sorta thing :). So your pretty much available all the time or?
I'd be up for a collab, I made a new channel called ExcelHD so I won't be using the one linked down below. PS. I'm British as well ;)
+DarrenX93 Dude I love to collab.I have a xbox one and a pc.I just also got new handsets for pc yesterday.But i am new and i don't have a xbox one mic.
Hey dude, I've been looking for people to record with (I'm recording on the pc but will start consoles soon), I play a mixture of games and will be playing more different ones soon. If you are interested, just let me know ((=
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