Gaming Looking for fun and awesome people to make videos with!

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Jaxx Plays

My youtube channel is Jaxx Plays
Just looking for people to have fun with and make great videos, and possibly help each other out :D
If interested comment below or just add me on skype: wolfgod17 or just comment yours down below!
( I have better means of communication but its what most people have)
I only play on PC at the moment
Oh, man! I like your content. Diversity is the key to success... sometimes :D I would like to record with you but I'm not sure if my english is enough good for talking with native speakers :D As you wish, ma frrrand! :]
Thank you Ros! and its okay if we can make videos I'll still check you out! if you want you can still add me on skype :) and Dan feel free to add me on skype and if you don't have a skype just let me know and we can figure something out
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