1. M. B. Harkins

    I'm So Happy!! THANK YOU!!

    I woke up this morning and was responding to a new comment on one of my videos when I realized that, not only have I just hit 1,000 views across my entire channel, but 550 of those views were all because of one single video! I could not be more happy! I never thought that my short film would...
  2. Luke Coburn

    Short Film Camera guy/girl

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to film me performing some 'mind reading' on members of the public. I've got no budget, so maybe some one studying film/media who's looking for experience. I live in north west England, I was thinking of filming in Manchester or Liverpool. Thanks, Luke
  3. j12stones


  4. j12stones

    The BEST Cancelled Superhero Movies!!!

  5. JEJ

    Let it Go Cover (James Bay)- Jej Millanes (looking for future COLLAB)

    Hi guys! I'm new to this community and I'm an aspiring youtuber. Please check out my cover of Let it Go by James Bay and let me know what you think! P.S. I live in the LA area and I'm looking for future collaborations with producers, vocalists, songwriters, filmmakers, and instrumentalists...
  6. AshZelda

    Mid Price Camera Suggestions?

    Hey guys! As much as I fine tune the rest of my equipment, my camera is the one thing I'm never happy with. A huge part of that is that I just can't afford to drop an insane amount on the camera I really want. Do you guys have any suggestions for a camera in $200-300 range that has a screen that...
  7. paigelknowles

    Lighting question!!

    Is there any cheap way of getting good quality lighting for tripod filmed videos besides natural lighting and overhead lights? I know there are high-priced high-quality lights some YouTubers use but I'm looking for a cheap substitution for this! Thanks for your help!
  8. M. B. Harkins

    Feedback on Depression Short Film

    Hey all! I'm looking for some feedback on my new short film. As a soon-to-be film student I'm looking for all sorts of feedback and comments as well as advice, so don't go easy on me! Feel free to let me know exactly what you think :) Thanks a bunch!!
  9. K

    Let me know how I can improve this short video

    please give feedback <3
  10. GamingRack

    Short Film CameraMan, Editor or just general assistant and ideas man to anyone creating video content.

    I enjoy creating content myself and have a gaming channel already established on youtube but id like to work with some people to create live acton content (skits, any kind of comedy videos, action, ect..), I dont have the resources or the people to do it so id like to find some guys or gals who...
  11. Julius Gacgacao

    What do you do when the weather, ruins your plans??

    Ok so I had a really big film project that I had planned on February 19th. But it snowed last night and I'm worried that it's gonna stop us from filming. I film with my cousin and he lives 1 hour away, so I can't go to his house whenever I want. My question is: What do you do when the...
  12. Julius Gacgacao

    Good grades = good future???

    Do you think grades in school will affect your future? Ok so my parents think that if you have good grades you will have a good future. Here are my Dad's exact words "If you have the good grades the job will come right away." But I tried explaining to them that my dream is to be a filmmaker...
  13. Julius Gacgacao

    Short Film (Trailer)

    Hello it's me, I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet. Haha jk I thought that would be a good intro. (That first line was from Adele - Hello. If you didn't get it) So anyways I'm uploading a Short film next week, and I couldn't finish it last weekend. But I do have a...
  14. BrunosWorld

    50 subs! Weekly updates!

    Youtube obviously takes hard work to get these subscribers! I love making videos and there's people with millions of subscribers out there and 50 seems like a huge achievement so yeah haha. I love making and editing my videos, people find it weird wen i whip out my camera lol, and start filming...
  15. Aljaž

    What do you think?

    Here's my video on Thailand, share your opinion down below please, any tips?
  16. darkstarmedia

    OSCAR | A Film For Katharina

    Last month, a friend and I were invited up to Cornwall to capture some final moments between our friend Katharina and her dog, Oscar - who is dying. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness in late 2015, so I put this video together in his honour. I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I...
  17. Dual-K Films

    How is my Newest Video?

    Hey I just spent a CRAP load of time on a new video and I was hoping to get some feedback! I just want your whole, honest opinion on it such as whether you thought it was interesting or not, if you got bored and left or watched until the end (Please be honest)(also, if you left, which part of...
  18. Alexnaseth

    Let me know what you think

    This is a video that I am personally very proud of. Let me know your honest opinions on it. [edited by staff]
  19. LaurenLaFox

    Anxiety Dance Film Help

    Hey guys! As part of my grad films I'm doing another short, dance film based around the movements of anxiety. I was thinking of using a male dancer to try and subvert stereotypes and show the pressures that men feel in society, as typically they're "meant" to be strong etc. However I'm having...
  20. Tahrgat

    Aka Manto 赤マント (Short Horror Film)

    I made this Horror film based on the Japanese Urban Legend, Aka Manto or Red Cloak. It is a pretty bizarre and somewhat darkly comedic scenario... until it isn't. If you wanna learn more about this strange Urban Legend then here is the info:!akamanto/c1pd5 -
  21. Intelligic

    Lone Walker - Short Film

    [INCLUDES SOME MINOR GORE SCENES.] My major project for media studies last year. Narrated by an infected girl named Emily who is living her ongoing demise, Lone Walker is a film about sacrifice and self-reflection. The genre I chose, post-apocalyptic zombie-film, is a saturated one... and...
  22. Dice Rollen

    Dice Rollen's Top 10 WTF Horror Movies

    Why do these movies exist?!
  23. Rjayo

    My Lord of The rings Trailer Edit.

    Hey guys I just wanted to get some feedback on this short edit i made for Lord of the Rings. Its purely film clips for the three films and the song everybody wants to rule the world (Lorde Cover). I regret not taking the time to add audio clips but there is always time to improve i guess...
  24. Wowser Palooza

    Trailer To Our Upcoming Short Horror Film

    Haunted tells the tale of 4 young men on a night they'll never forget. Hope you guys enjoy it! Film comes out on Friday :)
  25. Djopat Rey

    Check It out!!!!

  26. J

    "Little Shop of horrors" (1986) Review

    I review a horror musical comedy about a man eating plant!
  27. Adam.W

    Shooting videos in RAW

    Hello. Over the past month I spent a lot of time on YT looking at film making videos so I can learn and then know what I'm doing when I start making videos myself. The video that always catches my attention is when people make comparisons of footage shot on normal settings and in RAW. Some...
  28. ursadesign

    The Venturer - An UrsaDesign Original

    Take a trip through our solar system. Remember to like and subscribe!
  29. RiaSChazer

    Short Film Any East of Toronto YouTubers?

    I'm looking to film a short comedic film of 10min or so to be posted on YouTube. I need some YouTubers who are willing to travel to Oshawa for the shoot (weekends) and be featured in it. Current script (to be finalized) is a silly comedic argument about being an "Oriental." Also we'll be...