1. J

    The Countdown to Death

    Latest video! I've been really stressed wit h all the things I need to do and how I want to achieve so much is crippling my life. Check it out!
  2. Will Thomas


    I am creating a short series documenting the trips and adventures me and my friends are going on. I'm doing this to motivate people to make every day count because you never get the days back. I'd appreciate if you'd take time to watch and give me some feedback. Thanks!


    Basically I am going to start public pranks and interviews cause those seem to get views so hopefully I can grow my channel from that direction. Looking for anyone in LONDON who can collab on a regular basis to film public videos and so on, if you have DSLR camera that would be even better, I...

    Comedy LONDON public skits/videos/interviews COLLAB

    Basically I am going to start public pranks and interviews cause those seem to get views so hopefully I can grow my channel from that direction. Looking for anyone in LONDON who can collab on a regular basis to film public videos and so on, if you have DSLR camera that would be even better, I...
  5. TwoTakes

    Review of Breaking Wind Part 1- a Twilight parody about farting vampires...

  6. TwoTakes

    Nine Lives (2016) In which Kevin Spacey Turns Into a Cat... Is it So Bad it's Good?
  7. M. B. Harkins

    Voice Acting Voice Actors Needed!!

    This is for a goofy, pun-based short film I am doing. It is centered in a kitchen, and focuses on the (very punny) lives of the foods, dishes, and silverware within. It is literally fruits and veggies etc. with googly eyes, and gloved hands moving them about. We're talking SUPER cheesy, here. No...
  8. bboytlil

    Dance For Second Chance - Inspirational Short Film | bboytlil

    At one point in life I went through a very deep depression which cause me to have anxiety, lack of self confidence, pain, social isolation and suicidal thoughts due to a lost of two friends who were family to me. I felt empty inside and was drowning in my emotions. The only things during that...
  9. ttpass12

    Other Looking for an Atheist to share the experience on my channel

    Hello, I am a documentary filmmaker, my channel UniqueTV Is dedicated for documentaries and I am preparing one video about Atheism and looking for someone who would like to share their story with Atheism. Please send to BR Theresa
  10. Dadrules

    Typography Rocky Balboa Motivational Speech - Father to son

    Ok guys i have just recently came across typography art on you tube, i know its pretty old but i'm new to it and its a fantastic way to make a video. The key framing for this was hard work so i kept it pretty short for my first ever video regarding this style. My channel is all about fathers and...
  11. networkstudios

    Short Film looking for passionate film makers, animators, writers and editors

    i want to create a team of skilled and passionate film makers to work on large projects. me and a few close friends are already working on one large scale project called homage. but we believe we will hit the limits of our skills for it. hence reaching out to create this group. being a SciFi it...
  12. N.R.Walters

    Haiku Feedback.

    Hi all, I am working on making a series of connected Haiku videos about an invasion of skulls, and would love some feedback on the fist one so we can improve on them in future. Would love to have a discussion on how it could be improved. Many thanks in advance, and look forward to...
  13. networkstudios

    Short Film UK based filming group

    so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. i am looking to create a group of film maker, script writers and editors to make short films. currently i am a script writer and have another script writer/film maker in the group already, plus a few people that can help as actors. pretty much no...
  14. S.A.D

    Fantasitc Beasts and where to find them Movie review!

    Wanna get back to the Wizarding World? The Movie Review for Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them is right here. be sure to tell me what ya think thanks guys.
  15. DOFL02 Productions

    NERF-Hostage Film Series

    A film series based on a world of NERF Guns that kills with some darker story. Set in Singapore & Hong Kong (3rd film)
  16. UltimateKirbyBoi

    Bittersweet Memories

    This is a deep reflection upon where I am, where I have been, and where I'm going. I lost you, but I don't want to find you again, because I know I'll be stuck in the past if I ever do.
  17. Jeeves

    Remember the Memories | A 1 Minute Film

    This film means a lot to me and is definitely my best one yet. I put a lot of work into this one, and I would love for any feedback. Thank you all :)
  18. JOLAtheCOLA

    Our comedy channels review!

    Me and my partner in crime have worked on these videos for almost 6 months! Now at last we have finally launched our channel! Please help us! Could you give us your opinion about our first video? - Was the story good? - Did our video make you laugh? - How was the quality? Here is our video...
  19. crandy93

    Halloween is Just around the corner!!

    Its that time of the year when we can be expecting to see some spooooooky things going up on YouTube. I seem to get a great deal of laughter from scarring people. So that brings me to todays chat! What video tactic scare you all the most? Thinking about making a creepy clip myself for the...
  20. Julius Gacgacao

    The 28 days Challenge!

    Challenge yourself! Upload a video and set a reminder for 28 days. During these 28 days: 1) Try your best not to look at you analytics 2) Make as much content as you possibly can, and work on them as hard as you can. After 28 days, look at your analytics are you happy with what you see? I'm...
  21. S.A.D

    The Girl on The Train Movie Review

    Emily Blunt give a great performance in this move and just thought I would share my thoughts. Hope you guy really enjoy this one.
  22. B

    Short Film Looking for Acting work

    Hello i am looking for acting stuff in or around Kent area (UK) I'm looking to build up a portfolio it can be any sort of short films etc, I'm 21 Male i'm Athletic, incredibly Enthusiastic, Really caring and bubbly personality and confidence i have a lot of and some people say it's too much...
  23. Branden Morales


  24. Julius Gacgacao

    Services Free Intro (Film Style)

    So I'm just looking for a chance to make more content, and I think this is a great way for me to do it. My service is completely free. All I ask is that when I finish the intro I get to post it to my channel. I just wanna say that I stay committed to my work and don't stop until I'm done. If...
  25. Jeeves

    What Camera Should You Get? | A 1 Minute Film

    Hey everyone, this is a one minute film I created called "What Camera Should You Get?" Hope you all enjoy :)
  26. Jeeves

    What Camera Should You Get? | A 1 Minute Film

    this is an unwanted thread. Please delete :)
  27. Jeeves

    A 1 Minute Face to Face Vlog

    Hey everybody. This is a face to face vlog regarding many important updates to my channel. Even though you might not care at all, please watch the video as you might find other content you like around my channel :)
  28. Julius Gacgacao

    Editing. What's your opinion on it?

    I try my hardest to be a daily vlogger. But when I'm editing vlogs I just don't enjoy it. I procrastinate way too much during vlog edits. But when I edit my short films I'm always laser focused.
  29. Julius Gacgacao

    I need a opinion

    Simple ideas I just wanna know if it's good.
  30. Ninja

    Misunderstanding | Comedy Short Film

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