1. G

    Viddeyo for video marketing solutions.

    Best Features OF VIDDEYO : • Lightning Performance • Unlimited video hosting & marketing platform •Too fast HD video delivery system • Unique Video Player • Don't need any coding for video playing • Unlimited video channel • Video boosting system • No traffic leakage • Ultra fast CDN...
  2. Mod81 Gameworld

    Emergence Episode IV, a Star Citizen Mini Series

    Hello and I hope you had a relaxing weekend :-) I've been a Machinima Creator for a few years now and have had a Star Citizen Mini series in production for about a year now called "Emergence". The fourth episode is now finished and ready to be watched. I'm not just using in-game graphics, but...
  3. TheCUBE01

    Short Film A trailer for my upcoming work

    Hey guys! new member here this is a short segment from my latest work Chapter 12 Neptune feel free to check the rest of my work ;) Click here
  4. T

    Short Film Saundersfoot Longboarding Adventure!

    Hello guys, it's Rozzer here! I'm here with a short film/edit of a day I and my friend spent longboarding in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire Saundersfoot Longboarding Adventure! Please bear in mind we are only beginner longboarders so only constructive criticism, please :) Other than that please...
  5. Kane J Goodridge

    Short Film YouTube Content Creator Required for YouTube Documentary Short Film

    Hi there! I am producing a short documentary film based on the Life of a YouTube Content Creator as part of my L3 Diploma Film College Course. The film is 5-10 minutes in length. This film will feature going to a YouTube content creator's studio (or just house if they do not have a studio)...
  6. Protecterorb

    Gaming Looking for people! (PC gaming, podcasts, streams)

    Old post
  7. Protecterorb

    Gaming Come Join our YouTube team! (PC gaming, podcasts, streams)

    Hey there everyone, we’re Gilded Phoenix Studios, A YouTube channel that’s coming back from a hiatus! But we’re coming back stronger. I’m Orb, one of the founders of GPS and I am a film student in college. We have created a production company called “WinMore Productions” and it will be a...
  8. kevinjonescreates

    The MOMENT I've Been Waiting For! Anamorphic Lens Review with Footage!

  9. dreikelvin

    Services [For Hire] Robert Jung - Composer and Sound Designer

    I am a freelance composer and sound designer with a studio in the area of Amsterdam, Netherlands. My work is commissioned for TV, Film, Online Productions, Interactive Experiences and Games. The services I offer: + Audio direction and sourcing of content, voice talents and instrumentalists +...
  10. M. B. Harkins

    Voice Acting Looking for Voice Actors!

    Hiya guys! Back again, looking for voice actors for a couple more projects. One in particular, I want to get to work on ASAP! Please have a good mic! I am looking for multiple different kinds of voices. Check my profile for a link to my site, where the projects are listed. You can also message...
  11. Nedwin04

    Services Royalty-free Music For Your Projects!

    Need royalty-free music for your work? Check out my ever-growing library of various genres and styles here: Stay Creative! Nedwin04
  12. Henry Sierra

    Daily Vlog - Film Channel

    Hi Guys! I post frequent vlogs about my daily life and put a twist on them as a film-maker. Please stop by and let me know if you enjoy!
  13. Henry Sierra

    New Vlog - Friends, A Basketball Game, and the Notes!

    Leave a like and subscribe for frequent videos :)
  14. Henry Sierra

    I got stood up...

    In this video I take you around campus, talk about a failed date, and get some funny shots!
  15. M

    Need help with naming my Channel

    Hey everyone, I wanna start a YT Channel that's going to consist of cinematography, photography and vlogs however i can't come up with a name for it... I've seen all these people who are really talented and their channels are called their personal name, but i don't think my name sounds very...
  16. Rachel Stewart


    Hi, my name is Rachel Stewart, in a documentary filmmaker and I'm looking for a graphic designer to do some free or cheap work for me, I'm looking for a movie online poster to promote my documentary, below is the type of style I'm looking for, Thanks for your time! -Rachel
  17. Kinan Media

    please, forgive me

    I'm sorry if I hook you too deep, my love is just for you no one else ... this piece of story from this video hopefully not carried away feeling well?
  18. Darren Taylor

    Time for an upgrade, but what camera cheap can do this...?

    Hi Everyone. I'm 7 weeks into my YouTube journey and I made my 10th video this week. I finally have the confidence to say YouTube is something I will continue doing long term! I am currently using my smartphone (Samsung S7) to record my videos, but I really want a camera that films in better...
  19. India And Ramzan

    Vlog Collaboration with India And Ramzan

    Hi Guys We would love to collaborate with different youtubers,and create a great context together. Please check us out on our YouTube channel: India And Ramzan Email us and with your ideas at:
  20. Palooza Pizza

    HOUSE ARREST: A prison escape

    A funny short film we wanted to make after seeing Baby Driver. Hope You Like it! Any feedback is appreciated.
  21. Orangeguy587

    Short Film Series Ideas?

    Hello all! I have some questions about making a short film series. I don't really have any fresh ideas for a series that I can make. I am extremely limited on resources and actors so I do not know other series I can do. Any suggestions? I know this is a tough topic, but any help is appreciated.
  22. The Unwanted Letter

    Pulp Addiction

    I posted this video a while back but decided to do it in this forun as well, enjoy!
  23. The Unwanted Letter

    Character dialogue with a mask?

    So i have a character in my film that...well doesn't wear a mask but duct tape, and i want him to speak dialogue, i thought at first it would be weird and unnatural yet Spiderman, Deadpool, and all these characters wear mask and talk through them and it seems so natural i mean yes granted...
  24. T

    500 Subscribers!

    After being stuck at 200 for a while I'm finally growing every day! I've now reached 500 and now it's off to 1000! I'm a YouTuber/filmmaker of 8 years and I'm very dedicated to my craft! I'm so happy and proud and can't wait to continue my efforts!
  25. Gene Livingston

    aTteNtIoN aLL HIP HOP lOvERs:

    Hey guys! I've started my channel about 4 days ago! Trying to upload twice a day consistently. Most of my content right now can be split into my favorite topics of Hip Hop music, Film, and Basketball, so if you have any interest in those topics I would love for you to check out my channel and...
  26. Gene Livingston

    nEw tO yOuTuBe

    Hey guys! I've started my channel about 4 days ago! Trying to upload twice a day consistently. Most of my content right now can be split into my favorite topics of Hip Hop music, Film, and Basketball, so if you have any interest in those topics I would love for you to check out my channel and...
  27. Gene Livingston


    Hey guys! I've started my channel and have been uploading at least twice a day, looking to collab with some youtubers who share interest in the topics in my Title (Film,NBA, Hip Hop) Would also love any advice on growth or overall constructive criticism of the channel! Would be interested in...
  28. alwinred

    My First Short Film C&C please!

    Hello, everyone, this is my first short film, i am a hobbyist visual creator and i just want to listen to your comments and critiques to improve my skills. Title: Coming up with Film Ideas Description: The protagonist struggles to find new ideas for his short movie project, as he runs out of...
  29. Farley Productions

    Fatal Encounter Official Trailer

    Spent about 2 years of pre-production, production and post production work to make this Movie Trailer. This independent movie won't be done until Winter of 2017. But let me know what you think and enjoy. =]
  30. Mat Cooper

    Other Looking for Collabs at NAB 2017, Las Vegas

    Hi all, Im new to this forum but I'm hoping to find people who'd be interested in doing daily collars over teh NAB show. I guess there will be plenty of us doing our own things there but I'm hoping that in addition to that we could put together a sort of ghetto hollywood reporter round table...